Friday, June 27, 2008


Wow, this week couldn't have crawled along any slower. Jon has been working SO much this week. He turned in almost 70 hours on his time card. Which of course leaves me at home feeling like a single mom trying to stay patient with the kids while getting work done, the house cleaned, meals made, noses wiped, butts know mom stuff. I have been trying to get really into preparing this talk I have to give on Sunday but it just seemed like every time I sat down to do it I couldn't get the ball rolling. Read a few things here and there but never really get into it. I was also reminded yesterday that my son is supposed to give a little 1-2 min talk in primary on Sunday. The Brocks are going to be up in everyone's face on Sunday. I will seriously fall down if he actually gets up and does it. He always throws a fit about going to primary (the kids class at church). The week before last he ran out screaming, "I hate primary. I don't want to go to primary." Ha! What a momma's boy. There is really no way he is getting up in front of 30 plus kids to do anything but pout and refuse to do the repeat-after-me routine.
I was finally forced this evening, since I have absolutely no other free time to get mine done. Well 11:52 with 8 min left in the day and finally, mission accomplished.
Which also officially means my birthday has arrived. Hurray. I guess. Ever notice how birthdays just get less and less exciting the older you get. By the time I am 35 I will probably just forget about it all together. Of course even with all the working and non sleeping that my husband did this week I still had expectations of him planning something to do for my birthday that was special and got me out of this crazy house full of kids. After all, the entire day the world should rotate around me and my wants, right? At the beginning of the week he notified me that he might have to work the entire day and into the night Saturday since the were so behind in the store which of course I was none to happy about, but thought we can just go out a different night. I am not one of those complete crazies that is like we HAVE to do it on MY actual birthday or it isn't the same. As long as we are celebrating at some point, I'm good. But he did end up finding out that he would only have to work tonight (Friday) and that he was off again until Sunday night, so that was worked out. Well somewhere along the 50 hours of work mark and very little sleep he just gave up on making plans which of course left me scrambling last night to line up a sitter and let him know that I might want to have some input on what we are doing on Eliza-day. After some hurt feelings and trying to explain that all I wanted to do for my birthday was spend some time with my husband that I never see, and have him make arrangements for sitters and what we were doing (with at least a little input from me), I think we are finally ready to have a stress free and happy birthday. Phew! Love ya babe, I hate it when you work this much!
I plan to go and get a pedicure in the morning.....ahhh bliss. I haven't had one of those since going through treatment so I am really excited. Then we are going to go eat at the Outback (one of my favorite restaurants) with my parents, his parents, and his aunt and uncle. Then I am still not sure after that. Maybe a Josh Turner concert or dancing....we will see, but guaranteed to be a fun earth-rotating-completely-around-me-get-what-I-want-and-don't-argue kind of day!


Jer said...

Hey Eliza, Happy Birthday! What a bummer than Jon has been working so much. I've been there, and it's NOT fun! I guess it gives us compassion for other single parents, though. Hang in there, and I hope you have a great get-what-you-want-because-it's-your-day kind of day!!

The Bluths said...

Happy birthday! Don't you hate planning your own birthday? That should be the day you sit back and let everyone take care of you right? Looks like it's gonna turn out okay though.