Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wed Aug 29th

I had to go into the breast diagnostic center this morning for a mammogram on the left breast. For those of you who haven't had the experience of having one yet, they really aren't that bad, just uncomfortable. Unless you have a port on your left side and they pinch that in the machine....not fun. The machine was pinching my port against my skin and now I have a lovely purple pinched mark on top of my port. Hopefully next time I go in I won't have the port there to deal with anymore.
I got an email today from the "pink power mom contest" that was confirming some of our travel arrangements and remembered that there were a few people that wanted to read my nomination letter from my friend Alyssa who nominated me for the contest. Here it is:

Eliza was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in September 2006. This was a huge shock to all of us not only because you don't expect something like this to ever happen but because she is so young. Eliza is married to Jon has three beautiful children, Olivia is 4 and the twins Cody & Alex are 2. She is a stay at home mom who while taking care of her children worked 20+ hours a week from home. She is very involved in her church, a local twins club, and staying close to family & friends. Because Jon works out of town during the week this made it especially scary for what we new she was about to embark upon. She began 6 months of intense chemo followed by a full mastectomy of her right breast and is now undergoing 6 weeks of daily radiation. This process was very painful for her at times as she lost her hair, fingernails and even developed burns in between her fingers. So painful to the point she couldn't button her own jeans. Eliza's attitude and commitment to her family is priceless. She is the most dedicated and hard working woman, who if you didn't know, would never suspect she was fighting this horrible illness. She has created a blog for everyone to view her progress and her fight against breast cancer. The link is Eliza continues to be very active in her local cancer support groups and is now in the process of helping recruit people to participate in the "Relay for Life". The amount of time she dedicates to her family, her job and cancer awareness ceases to amaze us all. She is the true definition of Wonder Woman. By accepting Eliza for one of these positions you would be capturing the true essence of a Survivor. She is a young mother, wife and an just an awesome person! She is a shining example of where perseverance, hard work and a positive attitude will get you. We love her dearly.

What a nice letter huh? Olivia has a short day on Wednesday at school. Our district does an early release day once a week on Wednesday for teacher planning. She came home all excited to tell me about how if her classmates were good they get to fill up a jar with marbles and when it is to the top they can have a "Ba-jama" party with popcorn. Ha! She cracks me up. I tried to do my hair this morning the way the lady did it for me on Monday, what a joke. I ended up trying to clip it since I had all this product in it and it wasn't working. I might have to hire someone to come over every day to do it for me. Just kidding, I need to go back in and have her show me what to do again. So my very last Herceptin treatment is tomorrow. I can hardly believe it, oh and it is also the twins 3rd birthday. Yikes, I can hardly believe that either. 24 months until they start kindergarten, the count down is on!!

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