Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Aug 24

We have had a busy week. Jon ended up having to give his notice to his job right now since our insurance situation didn't work out the way we had anticipated. Jon will be going back to work for Source, the company that he was working for before he changed jobs still doing refrigeration. Unfortunately we have come to realize that being on group insurance and having a good insurance policy is not something that we can do without and are pretty much married to that need for at least the next 5 years and probably the rest of my life.
Tuesday I went in to Designs (a boutique in Fort Collins) and was fitted for my outfit for the October issue of STYLE magazine. It was fun to go into a store I wouldn't normally shop in and pick out something fun to wear for the magazine photographs. I went with my friend Debbie, who I met in treatment, and is also doing the STYLE magazine photo and her daughter. We met Lydia (the founder of Hope Lives!) and her daughter there as well. I picked out a silk dress with a pink and purple busy pattern on it that looks like I am wearing pajamas since it isn't a fitted style but was also a little big. They will pin it in the back for the photo so it is a bit more like a dress and less like my pj's. Lydia's daughter found me these really pretty earrings that have pink rhinestones on them are are much bigger than anything I ever wear, but will look nice for the picture. I am excited to do the photo on Monday and get my hair and make up done. Olivia had library books that were due back on Tuesday and since she was gone decided to take the twins to the library to pick out some books. They were so excited that they got to pick some out to borrow. I think I will take them to the library a few times a month when Olivia starts school. We met Jon for dinner at Applebees and the waiter turned out to be a friend of mine from high school. It is always fun to run into people who you haven't seen in awhile. It was also funny to be out to eat without Olivia. Much easier when it is one parent to one child.
Wednesday I met John, Clara, and Olivia at the Zoo with the twins. The 5 of us toured the Denver Zoo for a good part of the day. The kids loved seeing the animals but Cody was definitely more interested in pulling the wagon and seeing the pools of water or waterfalls in the animals habitats then actually looking at the animals. What a funny kid.

We did ride on the train and the carousel and that was pretty fun for all of them.

As the afternoon wore on it was hard to get them to stay by me and this was the first experience without using a stroller since the twins just will not stay in the stroller any more.

There were bees all over too. Olivia was absolutely terrified of them and would scream every time they came near her. After about the 4th time of this screaming episode I was telling her to stop screaming and she was hysterical. She practically fell out of the wagon and said I am not going to stop screaming that bee just bit me. She was eating cotton candy at it landed on her thumb to get some and ended up stinging her. She was crying for at least a half an hour. I felt so bad. I have never been stung, but have heard that it hurts pretty bad. We took her to the first aid station and they put some insect bite stuff on it and some ointment. After that we called it a day since everyone was tired and poor Olivia wanted to go home and see her daddy.

Alex and Cody were pretty happy to have Olivia home and the girls got right down to playing as soon as we were home. They played dress up and came out of the room saying they were ready to go to the beach. Goofy girls!Thursday we met my friend Abbey and her kids at the park to play in the morning and then Alyssa and her kids met us out there to play too. It was almost chilly here on Thursday, it was funny to start to feel a little like fall already. On Thursday Olivia had her ice cream social at her school Centennial Elementary to meet her teacher and walk around the school. We went in and met her teacher, Mrs. Kaufman. She walked around her classroom and saw where she would be sitting.

She wasn't to sure about wanting to stand right next to her, but she seems very nice and we are excited for her to start kindergarten. What a big girl.

Today we didn't do anything too exciting. I worked and cleaned house and then we went over to my mom's for dinner. My aunt Nancy and Uncle Ray are in town to see my grandma and so we went over to have dinner with the family. It was great to see them, since they live in CA and we don't get to see each other that often.

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