Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Aug 27th

We had a great weekend. We went on a day trip with the four wheelers on Saturday and Olivia rode hers all by herself for the first time. She did great! We met up with our friends Vernon and Kira and Kira's son Riley. Brad and his son Austin rode up with us and brought their dirt bikes. Did I mention I am in love with my big car? Here is my biker girl, all decked out!

It was so nice outside and all of us really enjoyed a fun ride and the wonderful mountains. Here is Vernon, Jon and I. Olivia and I have matching pink helmets. Ha!

I've been dealing with a very irregular cycle and really bad cramps and stomach aches ever since I stopped treatment. I have been on a 2 to 3 week cycle and can't remember ever being so miserable while dealing with my period. I hope to be able to talk to my doctor about it on Wednesday but I am not sure there is anything that will help since I am not allowed to take birth control any longer and the last time they tried to regulate my cycle with progesterone I felt like I was having an out of body experience being so moody and upset every time someone looked at me a little weird. I guess we will see what she has to say. I stayed at home all day on Sunday and sat on the computer. Didn't do much moving around which seemed to help. Maybe this is just my new normal. Darn it, I hope not!

Today was a big day. Miss Olivia started kindergarten this morning.

She has one of her girlfriends, Bella, in her kindergarten class and was excited to go. They were both really excited. My friend Aislinn, Bella's mom, and I were watching them walk into the school and she started crying. Since I am a sympathy crier then I started crying. What a funny pair we are! Olivia brought home these ribbons that they cut and colored. Hers says I survived my first day of kindergarten and mine says my mom survived my first day of kindergarten. It was cute.

Today was the STYLE magazine photography shoot. After I dropped off Olivia I went to O'hanna's Salon and got my hair styled and cut a little bit. She did a great job and gave me some tips on how to wear it and what products would go well with it. Hopefully I can get it to where I like it a bit more. Then we all went to Lydia's house (which is beautiful) and waited in line to get our make up done and do our pictures. Since I was one of the last people to do my hair I was one of the last people to do pictures. We had our make up done by Lori a Mearle Norman consultant. She did great. I don't usually wear darker make up or lip stick but it looked wonderful with my outfit. I wish I had some pictures to post. Hopefully I can scan them in from the magazine when it comes out and show everyone then. It was such a fun day and very neat to get to meet all sorts of other women in various stages of treatment and survivorship. I am truly amazed by each and every one of their stories. What a courageous group of women.

This evening I went to my cancer wellness class at miramont and did weight machines. I am sore already but I hope that this will help me stay healthy and strengthen my muscles. So far it has been great and I hope to be able to continue going after the class is over. I uploaded all of our four wheeling pictures and Olivia's pictures on to my snapfish account. You can view them by visiting the link on the side of my blog that says Eliza's pictures.


tammy b said...

your hair is adorable!
says a stranger from washington!

Eliza Brock said...

Thanks! I am starting to get used to it. Thanks for reading my blog and hope you're doing your monthly self checks.