Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thurs Aug 30th

Last Herceptin treatment.....check. How Sweet are those words??? Pretty darn sweet to me! My doctor's appointment went well today. Dr. M said that I should ask the plastic surgeon about the cosmetic outcome of doing just the one side of if she would recommend doing a mastectomy to the other side also and then doing the reconstruction. I would have to find a different general surgeon in Salt Lake to do that at the same time as reconstruction and then they would start the micro surgery if I did that, so there is something else I need to think about. The area around my port has been hurting on and off today with shooting pains around it, she said just to be aware of it and let her know if it kept hurting. She said it may be a few days before it stops if it tore away from the chest wall at all during the mammogram. Nice.. She also recommended seeing a physical therapist about the pain and discomfort in my arm. Herceptin went smooth today. Nothing too exciting, I had my emla cream on since before my dr. appt so it was nice and numb and couldn't feel them tap it or take it out. That was a nice switch. My mom took me out to lunch afterwards and we met my brother Mason.
The twins turned 3 today. Happy birthday to Cody and Alex. They are both working on making the 3 with their fingers and learning that they are 3. Every time someone asked them today how old they were it was 6. Hmm, not quite. This afternoon I tried to squeeze in some work but ended up trying to sort out some insurance issues and then getting all packed up ready to go to my sisters. We are going to leave after Jon gets off work early tomorrow morning at 2 or 3. Hopefully the kids will sleep most of the way there!! Wish us luck.

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