Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tues Aug 21st

Here are pictures from last Friday night. I went to dinner with my breast cancer girls. These were all women that I met during treatment that are at various stages of treatment themselves. They are all such amazing women and each of them has had an impact on my process with cancer. What a strong group of positive survivors! I love you guys! We had dinner at PF Changs (yummy) and then Lanie and myself went to see the movie Stardust. I wasn't too excited to see the movie, it is a fantasy and those usually aren't my thing but it was actually really cute. It sorta turned out to be a romantic comedy and I would recommend seeing it. In the movie this witch (Michelle Pfifer) drinks this stuff to be young again and every time she uses her magic she starts turning old. This one part she reaches up to touch her hair and a huge chunk of it falls out. I turned to Lanie and said, "Oh honey, I know exactly how you feel!" We were laughing so hard. It was funny.
Saturday Jon went with some buddies for a boys weekend up at a friends ranch in WY. They took their four wheelers and I guess shot prairie dogs and other such boy things. He had a great time. The kids and I went to a birthday party and then just laid low for the rest of the day on Saturday and Sunday also.
We met Jon's aunt and uncle John and Clara on Monday and went to lunch at chick fil a with the kids. They took Olivia with them back to Denver to spend a few days and play. She always has a blast doing that. She called last night and already they had done a ton. They took her to play golf with them and she was all excited about the golf cart and helping pick up the balls. They went to Red Robin for dinner and the Disney store afterwards and when she called they were painting nails. I asked if she was being a good girl and she was like, "Mom sometimes I am a good girl when the babies aren't around and I have some of my own time." It was funny. Okay Olivia... We are meeting them at the zoo tomorrow and hanging out there for the day. Should be fun.
I signed up for a program at a local gym, Miramont, called cancer well fit. They do classes on M and W nights and then give you a free membership to the gym while you're participating in the 10 week program. It is basically supervised exercise and then they help you with areas you are having difficulty in. They also talk about being healthy in general. I am hoping that this will help with the soreness in my arm. I am having some difficulty stretching it different ways and lifting with that arm.

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Robyn said...

Hi Eliza,

You look great!! I love your stylin' short hair. You are such a beauty with or without hair. Sounds like you had a fun dinner with your friends. You girls are my inspiration. Such strong ladies!! Thanks for being you!!