Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Committed to a Cure

Yesterday we finally got our license plates on the truck. They have breast cancer plates in CO so we are officially "committed to a cure" with the pink plate. Here they are:I also found out yesterday that Robin from the Good Morning America show was diagnosed with breast cancer and she announced it yesterday. It is always hard to hear anyone say that they were diagnosed. Hopefully someday there will be a 100% cure for cancer. Here is a link to the video online if you want to hear her announcement.

Olivia figured out yesterday that she could reach all the movies if she moved the bar stools. She stood up there for 30 min "organizing" her favorite princess movies. Silly girl.

I am not sure if the pictures that I post will show up in the subscription emails that I set up through feedblitz. Someone email me or comment and let me know if they come across with the subscription or not. Have a fun day!

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