Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday July 30th

I finally have an end in site. I have to do Herceptin next week and then again Aug 27th. Aug 27th will be my LAST treatment day!! Hurray! It is also Olivia's first day of kindergarten. I will still have to see the doctor but that is my last treatment. I am finishing right in time to not enjoy the new facility. My doctor is moving her office and facilities to a new wing of the Harmony campus of PVH. The nurses are all excited to have more room and lots more electrical outlets for pumps. Exciting times.
Nothing too exciting happened this weekend. We had our ward social for church on Friday that was fun. It was nice to visit and get to know newer faces in our ward. Saturday Jon and I spent the day cleaning the house and I worked a bunch. Saturday night we went out to eat and to hand out with Jon's friend from high school Ryan and his girlfriend Gail. We don't see them much so it was fun to catch up. We went to eat at Beau Jo's pizza in Fort Collins. Always yummy! Yesterday not too much either. We went to church and then had our home teachers over yesterday afternoon. Our home teachers are both into cars, one is a mechanic and the other likes to four wheel and built a moon buggy that he enters competitions with. Jon being the talker that he is always ends up talking about cars and whatnot. He could go on all day about it. It is fun to have home teachers assigned to us that are into the same type of stuff as us.
Jon is working nights in Greeley so he went to work last night at 8pm and got home at 6ish this morning. He is trying to sleep now, with the kids being noisy. It is nice to have him here though instead of out of town.
Not much going on this week. It is the end of the month, so the busy time for work with me and then I think we are going to try and go camping and ride the 4 wheelers this weekend with Vernon and Kira.

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