Monday, July 09, 2007

Buddy Check 9 Day!

Sorry I haven't updated everyone in awhile. But it is a great day to update since it is in fact BUDDY CHECK 9 DAY! So give the girls a good squeeze and make sure everything feels right. If you want more info on doing a self breast exam follow the buddy check nine link on the side bar of my blog.
I had a great birthday and we are all having fun with our new toy. We have been out to Boyd Lake 4 times and it is a blast. Since the lake is only 5 min away it is very easy to load up the kids and go play for awhile in the morning or after naps. We out to eat with my girlfriend Abbey and her husband Larry the weekend after my birthday to celebrate. It was fun hanging out with them. We think the last time the 4 of us went out without any kids was year ago before we had the twins. Yikes, that was overdue. Jon is feeling much better but still is somewhat sore every now and then. He didn't work much last week, just here and there. We did get a lot of odds and ends done around the house. We finished laying our mulch and planting some bushes and flowers in the yard.
Jon also put in his 2 weeks notice at Source. Source has been such a wonderful company to work for and we have appreciated all their support to our family! They have been extremely supportive to our situation this last year. His buddy Tommy has started his own business doing refrigeration and so Jon has decided to go and work for him. It sounds like he will be working over in Greeley for awhile so that will be nice for him to be some what closer to home.
For the 4th of July we went to a BBQ at my nurse practitioner's house, Lisa. She is awesome and has helped me out so much over the last year. It was great to see her beautiful smiling face all year when I was feeling horrible. What a great person. She was definitely cut out to work in oncology. Then we went over to Boyd for a few hours after the twins had a nap with our friends Brad and Patti and their 3 boys Austin, Grant, and Trey. Jon has worked with Brad at different jobs for the past 4 years and they are an awesome family. Their youngest 2 are twins. We got home at about 6:30 to clean up and grab a quick dinner before we headed out to the fireworks. Our neighbors across the street Jeremy and Danielle came with us to the fireworks and then my girlfriend Alyssa and her family. We were the "twins club". (Heath and Alyssa also have twins) Must be something in the water here :-) The weather did get rainy for a little bit right before the fireworks but stopped right before they went off. Of course the fireworks were awesome! Loveland has the best fireworks show in Northern Colorado. They are set to a music program on the radio and we always enjoy them. Cody was narrating the entire event. "Green, mom. Purple, mom. That one might land on our socks. Wow that was high in the sky." He was pretty entertaining.
Friday we went out to eat with Heath and Alyssa. Since Heath rescued the kids and I a few weeks ago and hooked up our AC we thought we should at least buy them dinner! We went to the new Texas Land and Cattle in Fort Collins. Good Eats! It was very yummy. Who doesn't love Steak, I know we do! It was fun to visit with them also. I don't think we have been out with them since last fall or summer either. It was fun.
Saturday we were back at Boyd for the majority of the day with Heath and Alyssa and their 2 older girls. The kids all played on the beach and we took turns riding the jet ski. The rest of the day was lazy. We were all so worn out from being in the sun and cleaning up from being out that we relaxed for the rest of the night. I did my grocery game shopping on Saturday night since I really didn't have coupons that I needed to cut from this Sunday's paper. It worked out well and I didn't have to take all the kids with me which was a bonus. Still saving a ton of money and loving every minute of it! If anyone is interested in signing up for their free trial be sure to use my email as recommending you. It is If you have any questions about it feel free to ask also. Takes some work but it is worth it for the money you save for sure!
Jon's parents have been traveling for about a month and came back on Saturday so they came over after we got home from church yesterday to hang out and eat dinner. It was great to see them and the kids really missed them!
I had to do Jury duty this morning. After checking in and watching a video we were led up to the courtroom and informed they would need 14 jurors in an attempted murder with a hand gun case. Yikes. Of course my number was chosen first to go up into the jury box with 30 other people and start getting questioned. I though it would be very interesting as I have never done jury duty before. After getting through a numerous amount of disqualification questions the judge informed us that we could be sitting on the jury for 7-10 days plus deliberation time. Holy cow. The judge said if this is a genuine hardship for anyone they could discuss it with the judge, prosecution, and defense so I did that. I don't think I could find day care for the kids for 10 plus business days and then I would be missing my Herceptin on Monday which again isn't an option. Although I do think it would have been rather interesting to do and be a part of. I ended up getting dismissed at about noon.
Jon left to work in Casper for the week around 1pm when I got home. It has been nice having him here the last 2 weeks.
I also got a very exciting call this afternoon. My girlfriend Alyssa nominated me back in April for the "Bright Starts Pink Power Mom search" put on by Kids II corporation. They are a baby product brand. Click Here to read the article about the search. Well they called this afternoon and chose me as one of only 8 winners!! I am so excited. Here is the excerpt from the article about what I won:
"The eight “Pink Power Moms” will be flown to Atlanta in October for a weekend of wellness where they will be recognized at the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Pink Tie Ball and a donation will be given in their name to the breast cancer charity of their choice. The winners will also be featured in a national advertising campaign and have their inspirational stories shared throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month."
I think the magazine I will be in is called Fit Pregnancy. I am so excited. She said that they put you and a guest up in a nice hotel and treat you to spa sessions all weekend. I can't believe that I actually won something. I have never won anything exciting besides concert tickets. It is Oct 12th to the 14th. I can't wait!

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