Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!!

I spent most of the morning on the phone with friends and family which was nice to talk to everyone. What a fun way to spend the morning. Then went to Heceptin at 11am and was there until about 2pm. I had to get some extra fluids as well since I am still a little on the "low" side. I came home and tried to work for awhile but didn't get too far. Jon came home from work with my birthday present at about 2:45.

What could it be??

I couldn't believe he came home with a Jet Ski. We have talked about getting one for awhile but never really very seriously. We love going to Glendo every summer and we recently frustrated that we don't get to play with the 4 wheelers more often because it is so difficult to find legal places to ride them that are close and it is hard to load everyone up to travel for hours before playing and then travel back. It is the biggest present I have ever "unwrapped"....

Here is Olivia and I trying it out:

We took it to Boyd for a few hours this afternoon to play and it was definitely a bunch of fun. I am so excited and hope that we get to play with it a bunch. Since Boyd Lake is only about 5 min away from the house it should make it pretty easy to get out there and we will definitely be taking it to Glendo in a few weeks!


The Bluths said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!

Brianna said...

Happy belated birthday, couisin eliza!!
We used to have a yamaha waverunner about 6 years ago and it was awesome!