Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday June 4th

Well I got up this morning and went to radiation thinking it was my last day and WHAM!!! The nurse hit me with, oh after the doctor saw you last week she changed your prescription for 5 boost treatments instead of 4. DARN! So one more day. The weekend didn't get much better. I have been taking my Vicodin and also doing all the creams and numbing medicine on my burn site. Also doing the Domboro soaks about 3 times a day. Still wearing the BIG T shirts as well. I am pretty uncomfortable but trying to "endure to the end". So after tomorrow I should still notice that the "boost" area or area around my mastectomy scar will still keep getting worse for about a week and then slowly start to get better. The really painful area under my arm I think is starting to get a bit better instead of getting worse. It has leveled off and I have noticed today that it hasn't gotten worse than it was yesterday so hopefully I am on the downhill with those areas. I am also pretty tired both yesterday and today.
I am still loving my new car, even though I haven't really driven it a bunch yet. Mostly just been the passenger. Jon hooked up my I drive in it on Saturday so I can just plug in my I pod to the glove box and control it through the radio. It is much easier. I took it out of my car before we traded it.
Jon left again for Montrose this morning and will be coming home either Thursday night or Friday morning. Relay is this weekend and I am really looking forward to it. Hopefully I will be well rested and feeling better by the weekend!

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Toni Nelson said...

sorry for your bad news. But just think, you'll be done tomorrow, woo hoo! Then you should soak in an ice cream tub so you can eat yummy things and calm your skin, also.