Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday June 11th

This is a display from the luminaria ceremony at relay for life. What a fun weekend. We had a great time at dinner on Friday. How can you not enjoy yourself at the melting pot?? Love it, and of course the company was wonderful. Vernon and Kira are awesome people. Happy birthday Vernon!
Saturday we got up and gathered our things and headed out to relay for life. Jon and I attended a free lunch for survivors and then the festivities started around 1pm. It was neat to see all the people all fighting for the same cause. I can't believe how many people have been touched by this awful disease and it will truly be a miracle when a cure is found. The kids were at the end of their ropes by 3pm so I took them home to nap for a few hours and came back around 6pm. My girlfriend Shari who I through Olivia's preschool was diagnosed in January and was asked to be the honorary chair person. She gave a wonderful speech before the luminaria ceremony and it was neat to hear her story. There were so many luminaria bags lining the track paying tribute to those who are fighting cancer, surviving cancer, and have also lost their battle with cancer. It was pretty moving to see. I had fun chatting with the girls until the wee hours of the morning. Of course talking about the things women always seem to talk about when they get together.....pregnancy, child birth, the days before we were all responsible know. Good times. Good memories!! I stayed up until around 2am and then went and laid in my sleeping bag for a few hours. I never did go to sleep because I was so uncomfortable with all the layers and shirts rubbing on my radiation burns. I got up a little before 5am and walked until about 6:30 when they stopped counting laps and started serving breakfast. We ended up packing it in and going home and I was at the house again at 7am, ready for a nap. Jon ended up coming home to put the kids to bed on Saturday night so he was kind enough to let me nap all morning. Relay was defiantly an experience to remember and it was fun hanging out with family and friends to visit and reminisce. I hope they had as much fun as I did!
Jon left for work on Sunday afternoon at about 1pm. We had tried to turn on the AC right before he left and it wasn't working. We found out that the unit itself was fried along with our thermostat and wiring in the furnace. Nothing was working. I am not sure exactly what happened but we are going to have to replace it all.....nice. Hopefully our home owner's insurance will cover it. Just in time for our first 2 90 degree days of the summer. Luckily it will only be in the 70s tomorrow and Wednesday. Work is keeping me busy and hopefully my burns will keep getting better. They have started the turn around from getting worse to getting better. Rubbing is still uncomfortable but not super painful. Back to taking only a couple ibuprofen a day. A few goofy things that i forgot to mention last week was that I have 2 toenails fall off last week randomly and my eyelashes are starting to fall out again?? What is going on? I asked my oncologist and she said that sometimes the toenails grow slower so it wasn't uncommon to still be experiencing the side effects of that....nice, since I stopped Taxotere before Christmas, but OK. And also that eyelashes grow in cycles so they are most likely all on the same cycle and will take a few cycles to get them back to normal. What a mean tease. Just when I though my lashes were getting beautiful again.
I of course have some awesome pictures from Relay for life so check them out on my pictures link on the side bar of the page.....

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