Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tues June 19th

Well not too much exciting to report in the last week. I went in on Thursday to do my brain MRI. The nurse that was doing my IV poked me 2 times in one spot and 2 times in the 2nd spot before actually getting one in place. The brain MRI is much different then the other breast MRI's I have had. Much louder and much more confined. I took an anti anxiety med before I went and was loopy for the rest of the day. Friday I went in for a skin check at the radiation oncologist and everything is healing fine. I have this funny line around the radiation area that looks like a scar. It is a white line from where my skin peeled.
This weekend went by fast. Jon was working on trying to get our AC fixed. The kids and I went to the lake with a friend on Saturday and then we all went to a BBQ on Saturday night. Jon took me to see Pirates 3 on Saturday night and my girlfriend Lanie joined up with us. It was fun to get away a bit and also see Lanie. Sunday the kids and I went to church and then later in the evening went to my parents for a father's day get together.
Jon left again on Monday morning for work and should be back sometime on Thursday. I have been keeping very busy trying to keep up with work and chase the kids. Jon is having his vasectomy on Friday and taking one for the team since I am not allowed to be on hormonal birth control any more. What a sport. We will probably be laying low this weekend and hopefully have good time just taking it easy.
I still haven't gotten my results from my MRI so I am assuming it isn't anything to be worried about. I have to do Herceptin next week on my birthday......Happy birthday to me!! Dang! Oh well, birthdays really haven't been too exciting the last few years. I think once you hit the "grown up" birthdays they just don't bring the excitement like they used to.

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