Saturday, June 02, 2007

Saturday June 2nd

Wow, I can't believe it is June already. Bonjour summer! Now if the weather could get a little warmer we would be set. It has been pretty mild here this week in the 60s and low 70s.
I found a new favorite song this week by Sarah Buxton called That kind of Day. It's about a girl who is having a bad day....funny. Anyway listen to it if you get a chance, it is too new and doesn't have a way to put it on my blog.
So no good news to report as far as the radiation. Jon got home on Thursday and was a huge help with the kids on Thursday. I was in a bunch of pain on Thursday. I just didn't even want to move around. Still wearing the huge Tshirts so the seams wouldn't rub on my armpits and the shirt would just hand off of my neck and not rub the front of my chest. I was rubbing my Silvadine cream on every 1 1/2 to 2 hours because it would start hurting again that soon after applying it. I showed Jon the burns in the AM on Thursday and then at night before I got in the shower they were so much worse. Red EVERYWHERE instead of just in spots. Come to find out yesterday morning when I asked the nurse about it she said that it will still keep getting worse up to 10 days after the radiation is done. After she told me that I know I had heard it before but must have just forgotten. (chosen to block it out more like) Any who......I ended up seeing the doc and nurse after radiation yesterday because it was bothering me so much. I got a whole new regime of medicines and creams and she told me it was okay to use my pain meds from after my surgery if I thought it hurt that much......It did! They ended up giving me some pure Xylocaine Jelly to put on the really bad spots under my arm that hurt, which helped a whole bunch. Then I am to do these Domboro soaks a few times a day which I think also helped yesterday. I am still just amazed at how bad it has actually gotten. Bizarre that it is painful in one area and super itchy just a few cm over. All sorts of different meds to help out though. I keep telling Jon, "Can you bring me my bag of tricks?" Since they gave all this stuff to me in a brown paper bag.

Thursday was my bosses' last day of work. I will really miss her. She has been really great to me through this whole process and I will be sad to see her go. Hopefully we will still stay in touch.

Yesterday we did have an exciting afternoon. Jon and I have been looking at buying a bigger car for at least a year, since our family has really outgrown our old Cherokee. It is a tight fit for all 3 of the kiddos and they have absolutely no room for anything else or anyone else which makes it hard to carpool to school. Jon had been looking at Excursions but since they only made them a few years and don't make them any longer we were having a difficult time trying to find them. I think there were about 20 in the whole front range and Denver area. Which is not many. We ended up going down to look at one yesterday afternoon and came home with one. We are all very excited. Finally some room to spread out and Jon is excited that we got a diesel vehicle that we can still pull our toys with and not be going 50 miles an hour through the mountains. Here is a picture of it from the dealer's website.

Hopefully it will last us a REALLY long time! My brother is graduating this morning and that is really the only plans we have for the weekend. I think Jon might try and do some landscaping today since we need to buy some more mulch and do some weeding. (good luck with that Jon!)I am glad I should be able to just hang out and relax.

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Robyn said...

Love your new Excursion Eliza!! I hope all is well. I've been super busy and haven't been on your blog in awhile. I have missed it.