Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesday May 30th

No good news to report. Still painful and really itchy. Today I started my "boost" treatment. This treatment uses the same machine but they put this funny attachment on the machine that looks like an upside down microscope that gets very close to my skin. I always think that my chin is going to hit it when they move the table. They had to draw on my skin around my scar with a marker today though and it actually really hurt. It felt like needles on my poor burned and irritated skin. This treatment they also use a bolus on every time, meaning the wet rag on my skin so the treatment stays on the outer layers of my skin. Which I assume means that that area is going to get much worse as far as the burns. At least the rest of the burns including the ones that hurt really bad under my arm next to my lymph node scar will get better in the next week or so. The area under my arm and on my collar bone have blisters on them today. Jon is going to be home tomorrow morning so that will be good. I just said, I have to have your help this week. It just hurts too much to be all over the place with the kids.
My younger brother Mason is graduating from high school this weekend. He wants to design video games. I went to my parents this evening for dinner and for some help with the twins and Olivia stayed the night with my sister Heather. My brother Mason was looking for some gum after dinner and I told him that I had some Big Red if he wanted some and my dad said, he is talking about gum Eliza not your radiation burn. Ha! I can always count on my dad-e-o for a big laugh.
Jon and I also decided after this weekend that it was time to start looking for a bigger vehicle. Now that the kids are getting bigger it is just harder to fit everyone in the car and be comfortable. We have been looking at the diesel Excursion but they are pretty hard to come by. I think we will be looking for awhile before we find one that will work, in the area at least. Hopefully I will be able to sleep better tonight. I think I will say cheers before bed with an Ambien :-)

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