Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday May 4th

Okay I love it that it is May already and the warm weather should be fast approaching. I can't wait to get out and enjoy the sunny weather again soon. Although today was a drag, weather wise. Pretty chilly and overcast, but no rain yet. Jon is home this afternoon and we had our pre drywall inspection done this afternoon for the basement. Only a few minor things to fix. Jon is down there now putting up insulation. It is nice to be moving forward again with it. We don't have any big plans this weekend, which is nice. Our last few weekends have been jam packed with plans and schedules so it is nice to just be going with the flow.
My week was pretty busy. Olivia had swim lessons on Tues and Thurs night, which she is loving. I feel so crazy having to get up and be somewhere every morning. It is defiantly a switch from having no set schedule in the mornings. I would probably be disastrous in getting kids ready and out the door every morning if I worked and had to have them at day care. I suppose it wouldn't be any different than having them at school at a certain time every morning, which isn't too far off.
I have had to completely stop wearing my bra because it is irritating my skin to have the tightness on it all the time. It is even uncomfortable to wear a camisole with a lined bra. At this point I am just wearing a cotton tank and t shirt over it. This seems to work the best. I am still just pink on the side being treated, not red. I have one rib that seems to be pretty sore most of the time, which sucks. They are thinking it is just from having surgery in the area and now radiation. The doc just said to take Ibuprofen or Advil and we will see how it is next week. Although I remember telling my mom that same rib was sore for awhile before surgery and they couldn't find anything wrong with it, so who knows what the deal is. It went away for awhile but is back now. Just feels bruised. So far I am just using the Aveeno lotion on the treated area and it seems to be doing OK. If it starts getting bad I will try something new. Today I did treatment number 12 and I have 32 so 20 to go. The treatments themselves are not too bad. The only time it sucks is when they have to do films and "tweak" things in my plan. Then I am stuck with my hands up above my head for at least 15 min. Needless to say, my arms are totally asleep by the time I put them down. And laying on the hard table with my bony back and shoulders gets to wear it is very uncomfortable after a few minutes. They put this wet towel over my chest every other day they call a bolus. This is supposed to "fool" the machine into thinking there is an extra layer of skin there and not penetrate the body as deep. Like I have said before it is all a very technical and precise process and I am always amazed at learning all of the details that go into each individuals "plan". I have had a few people ask me if my hair is growing back yet, and I am happy to report that it is finally growing. The downside is that I have a million cowlicks on my head, so hair is out of control and growing in a million directions. I will post a picture when I have one.
On another note I found out this week that my grandma Jeanie is not doing very well. This is my mom's step-mother. She married my grandpa after my grandmother passed away probably about 15 or so years ago. They are currently living in Salt Lake and don't think that she will be here much longer. I am not sure that there is anything specifically wrong with her, just that her health has been going down hill for awhile and now she has been sleeping most of the time and only eating ice chips for the past week and a half or so. I think my mom said that hospice comes over in every morning to check on her. She is a very sweet person and I am glad that we have been able to have her in our family for as long as we have.
The only other thing I did this week was meet my girlfriend Heather and her 2 girls for dinner with the kids at Red Robin last night. It was the 2 of us and 5 kids. My nightmare table when I used to wait tables. :-) Oh well!
Relay stuff is still going well, but I have gotten 0 fund raising ideas. The only idea I have come up with is a "stolen" idea from my twins club. We had a rummage sale or garage sales a few weeks ago where club members donated items that they were otherwise going to get rid of and all the profits went to the club. So I thought we would try and do this over at my parents house since they have a landing strip for a driveway. The weekend I am looking at is May 19th. Between graduation and holidays there just aren't very many open weekends to do it before Relay. So I am thinking that we will have people bring by items that they would be willing to donate to the sale on the 18th or that week before and then do the sale on the 19th. All the profits would be donated to Relay and then anyone that wants to make a cash donation on top of that can do that. I have the "cash receipts" from ACS to hand out so people can write it off on their taxes if they want to just make a cash donation. Leave me a comment if this sounds like something you would be able to donate items too. (if you are in my area, of course) I think I will also put an add in the paper and on the community message board. Please pass the word around to your friends and family members and see if we can get some garage sale items to use and raise money. I will start collecting stuff from people now if they want it off their hands. Also if anyone comes up with other ideas, please let me know.

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