Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday May 7th

Well technically it is Tuesday but we will say Monday for kicks. I have such a hard time sleeping when Jon isn't here. Good thing I have work to keep me busy if I want. The weather this weekend stayed overcast and chilly and was perfect for staying inside and hanging out. I went in for a massage on Saturday morning which was nice and relaxing. Jon spent all day Saturday finishing the insulation work in the basement. It is funny to walk down there now and actually see rooms and not be able to hear your voice echo. I can finally see more of a finished product. Saturday night we were able to go out and spend some time with our friends Tim and Traci. They are awesome people and I wish we could see them more often. Traci actually called this morning and said they would be going camping with us over Memorial Day! Should be fun if anyone is interested in going let me know. We are going to go a little north of Walden so we have somewhere fun to ride the four wheelers. Sunday was pretty laid back as well. I wasn't feeling well so we just hung out at the house. I also found out that my grandpa's wife, Jeanie, passed away on Sunday morning. She had stopped eating almost 2 weeks ago, so it was just a matter of time. My mom is out there in Salt Lake until Saturday. She was a sweet lady and we will miss her. My sister Toni and her husband will be coming this weekend for Mother's Day because her old college roomie is coming to town to visit. Should be fun to see her husband for a few days. Jon went back to work this morning after I got home from radiation. I did treatment #13 today so 19 to go. My allergies are still horrible and I am wondering at this point why I pay so much for my medication that really doesn't seem to be helping much. I am going to try a new one tomorrow. I did my grocery game shopping again this morning. It is still going well, cutting coupons and saving a bunch of money! I would recommend it to everyone! If you sign up remember to use my email address and I can get some free weeks as well. The site is I see the Dr. tomorrow so we will see if anything changes with my treatment "plan".

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