Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wed May 9th

All the ladies in the house.......BUDDY CHECK 9 DAY!! Be sure to do your monthly self breast exams. Early detection is key! I finally remembered on the right day this month, can you believe it. I don't think I have done that for a few months.
There isn't too much exciting to report for the last few days. The weather has been beautiful which I love. I love driving the big Jeep when it is nice out, so I got that out of the garage today and drove it around. Also because it has a full tank of gas and I am freaking out about gas prices being 3.20 here. The kids and I also washed it this afternoon and they ran around in their swim suits or as the twins say swim soups. I am looking forward to having some nice 80 plus degree days here this weekend. The kids love riding in "Daddy's Jeep" so we also took it to the grocery store this morning to buy to buy some juice. I forgot to get more at the grocery store this week and we were completely out. Speaking of the grocery store I have been totally scoring on previously viewed movies at King Soopers lately. They have all their previously viewed DVDs buy one get one free most of the time and they are 7.99. Sometimes I only find one but they still give them to you for 4 bucks, which is only a little cheaper than renting so why not. I've gotten the DaVinci Code, You, Me & Dupree, and The Guardian in the last few weeks. I am a movie-holic. For anyone that knows me or my family, we love to quote movies. Good times!!!
My skin has gotten gradually worse this last week graduating from pink to a light red and has been itchy. So I try to keep cream or lotion on it a few times a day. It is funny to look at myself and see one white side and one red side. Looks like I wore a long sleeve shirt on the left half of my body and went naked on the other half :-) That would be a funny site!
Oh, I also got this box of pre-made scrapbook pages and scrapbooks from Robyn and some gals that she does stamping up with. I LOVE THEM!!! All I have to do is put my pictures in them. They are all so cute, Thanks a bunch ladies!!
I am still looking for garage sale items that people are willing to donate for my Relay for Life garage sale next weekend. Please contact me if you have anything I can come pick up or you are willing to drop by.

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