Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wed May 23rd

Things here are just getting a little harder each day. I am getting more and more tired and still having dizzy spells and headaches on and off. I went in again for hydration on Monday afternoon and that seemed to help some. My skin is still really red and I have peeling and some raw spots on my surgical scars, but no blisters or peeling on my skin. I have had lots of help from my parents and friends with watching kids. Sitting around is really the only thing that helps me to feel better, which is really hard with the kids and feeling like there are things that need to get done. Olivia got in her first bike accident on Monday at preschool. They had a bike day at the park where all the kids brought their bikes to school. Apparently she was just going to fast and not paying attention and went right over the handle bars. Both of her elbows and her hips have battle wounds on them and were scrapped up pretty good. But that afternoon she wanted to get back on and ride again for the afternoon so it must not have been too traumatic. Good thing she was wearing her bike helmet. Jon is supposed to be getting home some time today which will be nice. He has been gone for 10 days and I am defiantly ready for him to be home and help me out with the kids. So far we are still planning on going camping this weekend, but I suppose that could change if I get any worse. The kids are all really looking forward to it so hopefully it will work out.

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The Bluths said...

Wow, already taking her bike to school. It seems like she just learned how to ride without training wheels!