Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday May 16th

Wow, finally over my busy days with work. I am always working a bunch around the 15th and the 30th. My sister and her husband were here this weekend and it was fun being able to see them. They came on Friday and my sister's roommate from college was here with her husband and kids. We took the kids to Bounce on Friday and then tried to go ride the 4 wheelers on Saturday. We drove all the way over the the Pawnee National Grasslands and their OHV road was closed. Man that makes me mad! Especially when you drive so far away and then they don't even post the closure on their website. So we ended up coming back and playing and picnicing at Fossil Creek Park. Jon and I went out to eat and did some Mother's Day shopping on Saturday night but we had to come home early around 8:30 or so because I was so tired. The fatigue is definitely starting to set in. We had a fun mother's day doing brunch in the morning with my parents, sisters & and their families, Jon's parents, and my grandma Mondy. We went to church in the afternoon and then just hung out at home until Jon left for work again on Sunday evening. He will be out of town until next Wednesday. This is out of town stuff is getting old. Especially now that I am so tired all the time. Olivia also learned out to ride a "2 wheeler", as she calls it, on Sunday. Jon took the training wheels off her bike and 30 minutes later away she went. I couldn't believe she picked it up so quickly.

We have been outside everyday practicing since Sunday. She tells everyone now, "I can ride a 2 wheeler". People are just like, what is this kid talking about? It is pretty amusing. Alex also learned how to peddle her tricycle. Pretty exciting weekend at our house.
Radiation is going okay. Yesterday at my appointment the nurse was getting me lined up with the machine and said, "Who did your surgery?" I told her my surgeons name and she said, hmm. I was thinking, oh no does that mean it looks goofy or something. I haven't seen a bunch of mastectomy scars but was thinking that is what she meant until she finally said that the surgeon did an awesome job and it was one of better ones she has seen. She said my skin was holding up great. Then I also saw the doctor yesterday and she made the same comment. Asking who my surgeon was and saying he did an excellent job. She said some scars get bunchie in places or there are fluid pockets around the surgical site. Mine is very smooth. That was good to hear especially twice in the same day. My skin is definitely on the red side now. After I got out of the shower last night I noticed that the scars under my arms and the one across my chest are now peeling and have some raw spots on them. Of course it starts breaking down the day after everyone tells me how awesome I am doing. Today was the first day that my shirt has really bothered me from all the rubbing. It has been tender in spots for a few days, but today it actually hurt to have my shirt on. I switched to a really loose tank this afternoon and seem to be doing somewhat better. Before ya know it I will have to walk around without a shirt on to be comfy. Ya right...... I have tried to keep aquaphore on my scars for most of the day so I hope that helps. I went to parent help in Olivia's classroom this morning and they took a trip to her teachers house. She lives on 35 acres up by Carter Lake. It was beautiful there. Tranquil. It would be nice to live in the country or mountains on some property. The kids went for a little hike and loved seeing their teacher's house. It was a fun day to help out. I don't have my radiation appointment until 5:45 this evening so hopefully they will have some miracle pointers for me to help out my skin a bit more. I guess we will see. I have also been having problems with low blood pressure. I think it is slowing beginning to disappear. They are always asking me if I am drinking a lot of water or getting dizzy. I have been trying to drink a bunch of water, but heck you can only drink so much. I haven't really had the dizzy problem until today. After I put the twins down for a nap Olivia and I walked to the mail box. On the way back I had to keep stopping and sit down. I didn't know if I was going to make it home or not, kinda scary. I guess I will be sitting down the rest of the afternoon with a glass of water permanently glued to my mouth. Sheesh!
So I am still trying to collect donations for the garage sale/ bake sale this weekend. If anyone has anything they would be willing to donate please let me know. The sale will be on Saturday at my parent's house. 7851 Whitney Ct. Fort Collins 80525, so stop by and support the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life teams, We Cancer-vive!

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