Monday, May 28, 2007

Monday May 28th

I thought this song was appropriate :-)

We have had a busy weekend! Jon brought all 3 of the kids with me to radiation on Thursday morning so all the radiation nurses and staff could meet the kids that I talk so much about. They were so cute and had a good time getting all that attention. They have some kids toys and snacks in the reception area so they were happy. Jon worked all day on Thursday getting ready for our camping trip. He replaced the ceiling in our tent trailer and fixed the heater motor. I had a Relay for Life meeting on Thursday night and Jon took Olivia to her last swim lesson.
Friday morning Olivia had her last day of preschool and they had a school picnic at the park. Olivia has just loved school and her teacher has been awesome. Here is a picture of Olivia and her teacher Mrs. Miller.

I had to go to radiation at 1:45 since we went to the picnic in the am. I am glad I don't have an afternoon appointment because they were running 45 min late from the schedule and I arrived early. Olivia said, "I could probably just go with you to the doctor and play with the toys since Cody and Alex are napping." So she came with me, but actually did awesome keeping herself busy with the toys and talking to the nurses. The even let her sit in the area behind the walls where they watch me on the camera and work the machine, since they can't be in the actual room when the radiation is being done. She had a ball. The rest of the afternoon we did our last min errands picking up groceries or odds and ends we forgot. Friday night we packed up our cars and the trailers so we were ready to bounce in the morning.
Saturday we got up and everyone met at our house to caravan up to the Mountain Home area north of Walden. Seth and Courtnee and their 2 boys Drew and Talyor came and also "uncle" Vernon and Kira and her son Riley came. It is a great area for the 4 wheelers because there are tons of trails to go on through the woods with lots of obstacles. We got up there about 1ish. It sprinkled on and off for a few hours but wasn't too bad. We still rode the 4 wheelers and played all afternoon. Olivia got to learn how to ride her four wheeler with Jon or I on the back and so did Courtnee's little boy Drew. The first time Drew and Courtnee started he turned really sharp and threw Courtnee off the back and then ran her over! It was funny to see, but it gave her a jolt and a nice battle wound on her knee. Needless to say Drew was done for the day after that.

We sat outside next to the campfire and hung out until bedtime. I got the kids these glo in the dark braclets from the dollar store that are always a huge hit when we are camping. I am not going to lie though, it was a COLD night. The heater only worked until about 4am and then we were freezing. The kids woke up at 5:45 and Jon got up and started the generator so we could turn the heater back on. When I woke up my skin had really been bothering me for a good part of the night and found out that it has started to peel where I was sleeping on my hand and it rubbed against the t shirt. My skin has turned a brownish gray color on the top and still red underneath. I was pretty uncomfortable most of the day. With having layers on my skin was constantly rubbing against my shirt and was the pits. I still managed to have a blast with the kids and Jon on the 4 wheelers. Our friend Kenny showed up in the early afternoon and was pretty familiar with the area and took a bunch of us on a fun ride through the forest and mud puddles. Jon was a trooper and stayed behind with the kids while the napped. I rode his Raptor and it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. It is has a lot of power and I don't really like riding it because the throttle is really touchy and takes off real fast. It was fun though. Here we are after we got back. By then I had had enough and was pretty miserable. Jon packed up our stuff and we left last night at about 7pm so I could sleep in my own bed and be a little more comfortable. We both had to drive since we pulled up the four wheelers and tent trailer. I thought I was going to pass out by the time we got home.
Today we played catch up and clean up. Jon cleaned up the trailers and four wheelers and I did laundry and put stuff away. I also did my grocery shopping in the afternoon so I didn't have to take all the kids with me tomorrow. Jon took Olivia to see Sherk 3 this evening. We were all going to go, but I just wasn't feeling up to going and the twins needed to go to bed on time. So much for that thought it is 9:30 and they are still getting in and out of bed and talking. Stinkers. Jon will leave again in the morning to go back to Montrose until Friday. I am pretty uncomfortably and trying to wear the biggest tshirts I can find so it doesn't rub in my armpit or my chest. Just very sore and taking Ibuprofen and using my creams. I haven't had the dizzy spells all weekend and have been trying to push the Gatorade and Powerade.

I put some pictures of our camping trip and Olivia's picnic on my snapfish link. Enjoy!

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