Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tues July 24th

Today I went in to Sears to take pictures for that contest I won. I must say it was interesting having such a relaxing experience taking pictures since with the kids it is always so stressful. Don't pull you sister's hair, smile, look over here, stay still.....none of that! It is kinda weird taking pictures by yourself. I feel like a realtor or something. I did have to share one exciting thing though, I haven't put on make up in over a week since we have been at the lake camping for the last week. When I put on my mascara today I noticed that my eyelashes are practically back to normal. Hello Ladies!! I must say, I am in love with my lashes. I have always had long and thick eyelashes and it has been a bummer to have lost them and then have them fall out again when they were almost back to normal. I still hate my hair, but it is nice to have my lashes back.
I am having a bit of a hard time finding energy this week. I think I was just so busy while we were out of town I can't catch up on my rest. My arm is also bothering me somewhat. I noticed it was pretty sore starting last Friday after unloading the jet ski, I was trying to hang onto the dock and hold the jet ski from bumping into it. It is still sore in my arm pit area where they took a lymph node. Maybe just from playing on the jet ski so much and using muscles that I don't normally use there. It has been sore from there all the way down my arm. Maybe I need to do something to make sure those muscles stay active and heal better? Funny that my surgery was almost 6 months ago and it isn't all the way better yet. And better yet, I get to do this all over again before the end of the year.
I found a video of that Craig Morgan song I wrote about on here a few months ago and put it on the blog. Our friend who is a DJ at K99, Vernon, dedicated it to me when it very first came out. What a sweet man and a neat song! Give it a listen.

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