Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tues April 24th

So of course I always have these "problems" when Jon isn't around..... I woke up this morning hearing water dripping from somewhere only to find my window saturated with water. It was dripping out of the top of the window where it meets the drywall......SUPER!!! Not what I would have expected from a 3 year old home. I didn't really have the time to deal with it this morning before radiation so I dried off my wood blinds (thank goodness those weren't ruined) and the wall all around the window and wedged a towel up there to prevent it from dripping all over the place again. I dropped my kids off with my mom and headed over to radiation. Same routine there, except I see the Doc on Tuesday. I had to wait a bit longer today for treatment and my appointment. The office has these one million piece puzzles set up to do while you wait. I think it is to keep you from looking at the clock wondering "If they never see me until 15 min after my scheduled appointment and I am always at least 5 min early, maybe I shouldn't come until 9:30" I am sure nobody else ever waits in the waiting room longer than they are actually being treated or visiting with the doc. I bet I am the only lucky one out there who has experienced that......Yeah right! Small chat with her, but nothing to exciting to report. Keep using the Aveeno lotion twice a day and hopefully it won't get burned very quickly, oh and try and take it easy. Um, right, remember that whole 3 kids thing and a husband that is out of town Monday through Thursday? That might put a damper on the taking it easy routine. Ha! She said, can you go home and take a nap today? I laughed out loud, but told her I would try to get to bed earlier tonight. I don't know why I have such a hard time "slowing down". I just hate feeling like there are things that need to be done, and I am not doing them. Such is the life of a mom I suppose. Always something that needs to be done.
After I picked up the kids we had a pretty relaxing afternoon. It rained the whole day, without stopping. I saw on the news if had been cold enough to be snowing we would have had 19 inches of snow. Glad it wasn't cold enough! But, bringing me back to my window. I had to replace the soaked towel when I got home with a dry one. After Cody napped for 2 hours in there this afternoon it was soaked again and Jon finally called me to check in and heard about the window. He sent our friend Vernon over to rescue me this evening and he fixed it the best he could by caulking the outside of the window, but we will have to fix it after it drys out again probably this weekend. I am not sure what all that is going to involve since the drywall is soaked all around the window as well. Good times! Yet another thing to add to my "Honey do" list. I am just glad it didn't fall completely off the house. I could just imagine myself outside trying to duct tape plastic to the outside of my house....I can just picture that! Anyways, fixed for the time being. Vernon to the rescue!!
Olivia started her swimming lessons tonight at the Chilson center. She was so excited to go and then the first 10 min of the lesson she spent crying and sitting on my lap. Oh wow. Such drama with that one. She finally got in with the class and was fine the rest of the time. Turns out she just didn't want to have to go all the way under water. Hopefully she will do better next week.
Cody has had a little bit of a fever the last 2 days but it has actually helped him sleep better and not big issues with bedtime because he has just been out. Poor little guy. When I woke up this morning to the window problem I walked out of my bedroom and he was just sitting on the couch by himself. So unlike him. He is always loud and wakes up his sister when he gets up and out of bed. He was just sitting there, for who knows how long. Man they are cute when they are being good.
Everyone's favorite thing to do when they see me now is rub my head since my hair is growing back, I have officially had 'bed head' a few times and it is long enough to need some gel so it doesn't lay funny. I remember now why I never had short hair. My 6 or so cowlicks make it grow in a thousand different directions. It is getting pretty thick though which is a nice change and I am not freezing all the time. I look like a chia pet. Ha!

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Cthompson said...

Hey Girl, sorry to hear about your window! That sucks!
I noticed on RFL you are in the top 5 fundraisers! Way to Go!!
Have a great week,