Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday April 2nd

It is defiantly turned out to be your typical Monday, wishing you had more of a weekend. Jon was done with work on Thursday night and met up with his buddy Brad and they went out to Moab to play on Friday and Saturday. I think they both had a great time and it was good for Jon to be able to do something fun and get away from working constantly for the last 3 weeks.
Saturday morning I fought with the twins for the millionth time about having to sit in their high chairs for breakfast and not at the table. Ever since we got back from visiting at my sister's house and they got to sit at the table they have thrown fits about sitting in high chairs at every meal. Our kitchen table only is big enough for 4 chairs and so we don't have them up there yet. So Saturday I decided that I would go pick out a new dining room table that fits our whole family. After walking around American Furniture Warehouse for 2 hours with the kids and my friend Alyssa, I finally picked one out and ordered it. It will be delivered tomorrow morning and I am so excited. Funny how you get excited about the silliest things when your a grown up. I already have booster seats for them that we used last summer in the trailer when we would go camping. It will be nice to have a place for everyone to sit and eat during meal time and I can chuck those high chairs. This is the first piece of furniture I have ever bought, everything else we have inherited from a hand me down so that was also a bit exciting. I will have to post a picture of it after it gets here tomorrow.
I went to a surprise party for a girlfriend on Saturday night for a couple hours so that was nice to get out and have some adult time without the kids. Jon didn't get home until after 11 on Saturday night so I didn't get to see him much this weekend.
Yesterday we just hung out at home for most of the day. I watched the morning session of General Conference which we get on BYU TV on our satelight. Jon played outside with the kids all morning and then we went to the park before dinner. Needless to say one day wasn't really long enough to get my fill of him before he turned around and left again this morning. He will be gone again until Thursday night or Friday morning in Montrose.
This morning I was able to parent help in Olivia's preschool class which was a lot of fun and I know she really likes it. Her teacher Mrs. Miller is wonderful with the kids and Olivia just loves her. It is so cute to see all those kids who want to share about their weekends and the things that they get excited about.
I have been saving my coupons for the last few weeks out of the Sunday paper and did the grocery game this week. I must say I saved a ton of money on the stuff that I bought. If anyone is interested in checking it out go to and you can sign up for a free 8 week trial for $1. Use my email address for who referred you and I can get a few weeks free. It is I think it will save us a bunch of money in groceries and toiletries.
I am still pumped about the relay for life and have already formed a team of 5 people. We can use anyone who is interested. Just follow the like on the side bar to join the team. It is $10 per participant and is the weekend of June 9th-10th.

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Tammy said...

congrats on your new table! Isn't it fun to buy something that is all "you"?