Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday April 23rd

I guess it is time to start a new week, beginning with Jon leaving town this morning. Darn it! I hate it when he goes, but I sure like to watch him leave :-) Ha, Ha. Funny movie lines again. So things with radiation last week went well. I did films on Wednesday and had my first experience the the treatment process, which actually wasn't too bad. You have to walk down this long hallway to the treatment area and it reminded me of Project X when they take the monkeys down to the nuclear reactor....okay not that dramatic with the nice wall paper and decorated walls but that's how I felt. Then they lay you on the hard, metal table that moves around to put you in the right positions. They have these green laser lights that are in different areas of the room that shine on your body to line you up correctly with the tattoos that they put on me the week before last. It's all a very technical process actually. They even have this light that shines on my chest that is a ruler to make sure I am sitting right. The most uncomfortable thing is that I have to keep my arms over my head the entire time and they always fall asleep. After 10 or 15 min it can be pretty uncomfortable. The machine that delivers the radiation is this big circular thing that moves around your body to the different fields they are treating. Then these little teeth like things move inside to get the exact area they are treating. Pretty high tech stuff. No actual pain during the treatment just loud noises and arms and fingers falling asleep are my biggest complaints. By Friday afternoon I did notice that my skin is already a little pinkish and it is tender so I don't like to have anything tight on next to it for more than a few hours. I did feel noticeably more tired this weekend also, and we weren't really doing much so I hope the fatigue doesn't get too bad.
This weekend Jon did all sorts of odds and ends around the house on his to do list like aerating, mowing, cleaning the garage. I took Olivia to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon for Braxton Morby at the swimming pool. She had a good time swimming and playing. On Saturday night we went out with the Valdez's and a newer couple in our ward the Morgan's. We went out to eat and then back to their house to play card games. It was fun getting to know them better and hopefully we will hang out with them again. We seem to have lots in common. Sunday we went to church and I was exhausted by the time we got home. The twins weren't cooperating for nap time very well so I never got the chance to lay down and rest. I was working on and off during the afternoon and evening. I have had allergies so bad this weekend that I have been taking 2 of my allergy pills. I had a horrible sore throat this morning when I woke up from allergies also. Hopefully this will let up soon. I have had such a hard spring already with my allergies. I think it is the trees....
No real exciting plans this week. I have to do radiation every morning and Olivia starts swim lessons on Tuesday night. I also have a meeting for Relay for Life on Thursday. Speaking of which there are still 7 openings on our 2nd team, "We Cancer-vive #2" so if anyone is still wanting to participate make sure to follow the link on the side bar and join the team. I just heard about another gal this weekend that was diagnosed with cancer that just had a baby early that is in the NICU. It is people like her that are fighting to survive for their children that make me glad that I am able to participate in Relay for Life. Keep on fighting girl!

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Toni Nelson said...

Sorry the radiation is so uncomfortable. At least they don't have to stick you with needles anymore, right? I'd call, but you always seem so busy. Call me when you have time, love you!