Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday April 27th

Another day in the life of a cancer patient.... It's been awhile since I have felt like a "cancer patient" since I haven't been in to the doctor much and have had a nice break before surgery and after surgery. Today it is starting to sink in again. Today was day #6 of radiation treatment and then I went over to my oncologists office for a doctor's appointment and for Hercetin. My blood pressure continues to be low, like most always but my nurse suggested that I hang out and do some hydration to help boost it a little. She asked if I was dizzy very often, which I do get dizzy almost every time I stand up from sitting down. I had no idea the 2 were related. I hung out for chemo for probably a hour and half. The longest that I have been there in months. I also tried to use my "old" tube of Emla cream to see if it would work any better and it was much better. I think my new stuff is a bad batch. Good to know that I wasn't just getting to be more of a baby as time went on. I am not sure why more oncology offices don't tell their patients about this cream. There really is no need to suffer through all the pokes when you can just use the cream and be numb over your port and have it be painless. I just told one of my BC friends, Shari, about it and she said she used it last time and it was great. Good thing I had a woman on the inside tell me about the cream before I started treatment! (Thanks Cyndi!) I was worn out by the time I got home and spent the afternoon trying to relax. Jon got home this afternoon and was quickly busy with his to do list starting with the garage......still in the garage. But it was nice because the kids got to go outside and run around for the afternoon.
Last night I had a few of my Breast Cancer girls over for dinner and to visit. Lanie and Karen that I met in our many chemo sessions together and then Shari and Tonia that I have met here in Loveland. It is always nice to get together with other women dealing with the same issues your dealing with. It was great to talk about everyones progress and see what everyone was up to. Miss Lanie is ALL done. She had her last surgery about 6 weeks ago. I am SO proud of her! I also was able to pass on some of my scarves to Shari. I had some passed on to me from a gal I met at chemo that had a few different scarves that matched a smaller scarf that her daughter would wear. Olivia and I did that a few times and I think Shari will have fun doing it with her daughters!
It seems like the twins keep getting up earlier and earlier as the week goes on 6:45 on Tues 6:30 yesterday and 6:15 today.......this madness needs to stop and quick! They went from going to bed and being asleep by 8:30 and sleeping until almost 8am and now they just barley fell asleep at 9:45 which is the new normal and getting up before 7. AAHHHH. Those little stinkers!
Tonight I went to my first Relay for Life Captain's meeting. Wow, I am so excited to do this and what an awesome cause. I need some more good fundraising ideas. If anyone has some suggestions leave me a comment or email me at I am prepared to kick some bootie and do all the fundraising I can, I just need some ideas. Also they talked about Luminaria's. If anyone is interested in ording one you can do that through the website or you can email me personally and I will order one for you and even personally decorate it for you. These are to honor people who have survived or passed on from cancer. I will even take pictures of them for you. I think they are on a strictly donation only basis, but I think they recommend a min of $10. excited to do this and PS if anyone is still interested in joining the #2 team then they said we needed to have our roster finalized by next week. So I suppose that will be our deadline. You can email me if you are not able to figure out how to join the team online. Also I got a few posters to hang up and advertise the race if anyone is interested in taking one to hang in your work place and see if people will give us donations I will get it to you along with some cash receipts so they can write off the donations to ACS on their taxes next year. Until next time.........

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Robyn said...

Eliza, you are my hero. You go through so much without complaining a bit. You are such a strong, faithful woman who I admire greatly. I hope that if I ever have to face a trial like this I will be as good about it as you are. Thanks for being an inspiration to me. Here's a quote for you that I have discovered this week. It's 2 Nephi 5:27....
"And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness".
Isn't that great??