Monday, April 09, 2007

Monday April 9th

Time to get back to reality. Jon left again this morning to go back to Montrose for the week. ugh! We had a really busy weekend filled with Easter get togethers. We went to see Jon's mom sing in her Easter Cantata at her church on Friday night. Sounded like they practiced quite a bit and sounded great. The kids did pretty well considering it was past during their bed times.
It has been pretty cold here the last week or so and sprinkled snow on and off all weekend. Man I am ready for it to be nice and warm already! Saturday we had lunch with my parents, my sister Heather's family, and brother Ethan's family. The kids also did an Easter egg hunt after lunch. Saturday afternoon I spent a few hours at the crazy stores getting stuff for the kids' Easter baskets. It was so nice to be able to run errands by myself. No getting kids in and out of the car. Jon and I decided to spend some time with Olivia on Saturday night and we took her out for a date and left the twins with our sitter Kylie Louder. The kids just love her. She decorated eggs with the twins while she was here and said they had a great time. Jon and I took Olivia out for pizza at Old Chicagos and then met Desi, Aislinn, and Isabella at the movies to see Meet the Robinsons. It was a really cute movie and it was fun to get out and do something fun with Jon and Olivia. Needless to say Cody was still awake when we got home from the movie at 9:30 and stayed awake getting in and out of bed until 10:30. That stinker.
Sunday we got up and SURPRISE!! The Easter bunny visited our house in the middle of the night. Olivia got the new Charlotte's Web movie, Alex got a Dora doll, and Cody got a toy lighting McQueen car. We went to church and then went over to Jon's parents in Windsor for a late lunch. His Aunt and Uncle, Clara and John, we also there. The kids had a blast with their baskets from John and Clara and doing an Easter egg hunt in grandpa's train room in the basement. By 5 we were all pooped, especially since the twins didn't nap, and headed home. Everyone fell asleep in the car on the way home. We had a relaxed evening and had "movie night". We watched Olivia's new movie and ate popcorn until bedtime at 8pm. Even though I know they were tired the twins were naughty again and kept getting in and out of bed and goofing around. They didn't quite down until 9:30. I wonder if bedtime will ever be easy again for them?? Probably not until our basement is finished and they have their own rooms. Hopefully we can get that finished this summer!
Last night our friend Vernon Brandt, we call him uncle Vernon, called us to say we had to listen to this new song by Craig Morgan. He is a DJ at the country station K99 on Sunday nights. We turned on the radio to hear his new song called "Tough". I tried to find the video to put on my blog but I guess it isn't out yet. Here are the lyrics:

She's in the kitchen at the crack of dawn Bacon's on, coffee's strong
Kids running wild, taking off their clothes
If she's a nervous wreck, well it never shows
Takes one to football and one to dance
Hits the Y for aerobics class
Drops by the bank, stops at the store
Has on a smile when I walk through the door
The last to go to bed, she'll be the first one up
And I thought I was tough

She's strong, pushes on, can't slow her down
She can take anything life dishes out
There was a time Back before she was mine
When I thought I was tough

We sat there five years ago
The doctors let us know
She'd have to fight to live, I broke down and cried
She held me and said it's gonna be alright
She wore that wig to church
Pink ribbon pinned there on her shirt
No room for fear, full of faith
Hands held high singing Amazing Grace
Never once complained, refusing to give up
And I thought I was tough


She's strong, pushes on, can't slow her down
She can take anything life dishes out
There was a time Back before she was mine
When I thought I was tough
She's a gentle word, the sweetest kiss
A velvet touch against my skin
I've seen her cry, I've seen her break
But in my eyes, she'll always be strong
There was a time
Back before she was mine
When I thought I was tough

What a cool song huh? After the song was over Vernon said on the radio that he was dedicating that song to me, because it sounded like the song was written about me. That was really sweet of him, I have never had a song on the radio dedicated to me before.
I haven't heard back yet from my radiation oncologist about what my "time slot" will be everyday for radiation or when it will start. She said sometime this week. I am also going to be starting back at work shortly. I was working from home before I was diagnosed doing insurance audit review. It will be nice to start feeling back to normal somewhat. Hopefully I won't get to tired with the radiation.
I just looked at the relay for life site and my team is currently in the #1 spot for money raised. We are at $1,195 raised between 9 people that have signed up for my team. I would still love to have anyone join up and come do the relay or sponsor the team. Sounds like we have a fun group of people so far. I know you would have a great follow the link on the side bar sign up to do the relay for life and support me, our community and the American Cancer Society!!!

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