Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday April 14th

I have been back to working a few hours a day from home since Wednesday and am enjoying the change and feeling "normal" again. I got my phone call from the radiation oncologists office on Friday to schedule my radiation. I will go in next Wednesday to do my chest films and then start my radiation on Thursday at 9:15am. I will go every morning at 9:15 Monday through Friday for 33 days. I am still not sure what I am going to work out for the kids but at least the treatment will only be about 30 min at the office, so I might only be gone from the house for an hour. I guess it could be worse but it is still a pain. I also have to go in for another Echo cardiogram on Monday to make sure my heart muscle is still doing fine being on the herceptin. That is the one concern they have with herceptin, glad that doesn't make me nauseous.
The Children's Place had a huge 4.99 sale this week and it was nice to be able to load up on tons of cute stuff for the kids for next year. Who doesn't love to get stuff on sale? That's the only way I buy my kids stuff. I always have their next season's stuff bought with clearance rack stuff from the end of season. It saves so much money. My sister actually told me about the sale from this website that she frequents called. Vicky's Deals. If anyone is interested in checking out the site, click here: Vicky's Deals.
Jon came home on Thursday, trying to avoid our "big" snow storm. Turns out that it didn't even snow a drop yesterday, which was fine by me. I wish it was just warm already. Yesterday morning I met my friend Shari, that also has breast cancer, to see another woman, Tonia, off to her surgery. Then I went with her to the cancer center in Loveland to get her blood drawn. They tried twice on her arm and then had to go to her port and had a hard time accessing that also. I felt so bad for her. Like it doesn't suck bad enough that you have to do it and then they can't get it the first time. I ended up telling her about the Emla cream I use over mine to numb the skin up so hopefully she will find it more comfortable when using that. Although I have to say I don't know that mine is working as well as it used to. The last few times mine was accessed it did still hurt. I think I am either more sensitive and need to leave it on longer since I have scar tissue there now, OR I got a bum batch of medicine in my new tube of cream. I will try putting it on earlier next time I have chemo. The rest of the day yesterday I worked since Jon was here and he did a bunch of stuff around the house. He finished all our storage selves in the basement so we can check that off the hubby do list. I wonder if there will ever be an end to that list? :-) Probably not, so don't get your hopes up Jon! We have a pretty laid back weekend with not many plans, which will be nice since we were SO busy last weekend running around. Then Jon is back to Montrose for the week on Monday.

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