Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wed March 7th

I took my pain meds last night and was awake until 2am just laying in bed. Tonight I will be sure to take my Ambien before bedtime. I am happy to report that my hair is finally starting to grow. I actually NEEDED to shave my legs yesterday for the first time in months. I hate to admit that I was kinda excited. Also the hair on my head is starting to grow. I had this one match on the very top that never stopped growing all through chemo, so I buzzed it down to let the rest of my hair catch up with the stuff on top.
Jon's parents came over today to help out with the kids. Their cat dude that they have had forever had to be put to sleep this afternoon so they were kinda bummed about that. I took a nap for most of the afternoon since I didn't sleep last night which was really nice. At least I am not exhausted this evening. My mom and dad came over to help me with dinner and my mom is staying the night with me since Jon is working nights.
I painted Olivia's nails this afternoon and Cody was so mad that she was getting her's painted and he couldn't have his, so I just painted his too. Oh well, what are you going to do when you only have sisters to play with? He's so cute!!
Have to go catch LOST. I am addicted to that show!


Cindy Motherway said...

So sorry about Dude! That is very hard to deal with! Glad you were able to take a nice nap, the middle of the night is a lonely place isn't it?

Glad you got Cody all spiffy too...How fun to add a little color both he and his sister! With the new colors their mommy is sporting on her chest, they probably were thinking....I want some color! YIKES!

Have a good day!

The Bluths said...

Thanks for keeping us all updated even though you are still sore! Hope your recovery process isn't too long.