Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thurs March 29th

This morning I got up bright and early and spoke to the Junior's seminary class. Seminary is a class that the high school students go to every school day at 6am. During the 4 years of high school they study the four gospels of our church. The old testament, new testament, book of Mormon, and doctrine and covenants. They wanted me to share my about my experience with personal revelation and how heavenly father answers our prayers. Many of my prayers have been answered during my experience with cancer. The ones I talked about were my experience of being led to my oncologist Dr. Medgyesy in the beginning, starting my blog, and my decisions with surgery. I have learned so much through this experience, especially about faith and finding faith in my heavenly father. What a great way it was to start out the day with a spiritual lesson. (although I didn't appreciate it that much when I was a teenager) It was a sweet experience to be able to share my testimony and experiences with the youth. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.
The other crazy thing I woke up to this morning was snow! Wow, it is spring here in CO. The high 60's one day and snowing the next. I know spring is here when my allergies get crazy. I have been taking my allergy meds for the last couple weeks on and off and am waiting for my insurance to pre-authorize my regular allergy med. I must say the insurance companies are getting a bit ridiculous on what they will and won't cover on allergy medication. Give me a break, don't we have better things to be picky about? Oh well, whatever the cost I will pay it since I can't live without it. Allergy season is miserable.
So my kids have really been pushing my buttons the last couple days. It is hard to go day to day with no break when my husband is out of town. Nights with the twins in their toddler beds seem to be getting worse instead of better. Out of bed, talking and laughing at one another, they will even get up and turn the lights on and off. Stinkers. I am not sure what else to do besides close their door (which they hate) and keep putting them back in bed.....Over and over again.
I went for my massage on Tuesday night which was great as always. The girl I go to is in Fort Collins and does it out of her house. Her name is Nichole Crabtree and if anyone is looking for a good massage therapist I would highly recommend her. Just let me know and I will get you her info.
Last night I went to a dinner group that is made up of breast cancer survivors and women currently in treatment. My friend Lanie brought me and it was a great time. It was nice to meet other women that have experienced the same thing as me and are also upbeat and positive with a positive outlook on life. I am really looking forward to meeting with this group again. My mom and dad came over to watch my kids and picked up my house and did all my dishes. It was so sweet of them to help me out. It's hard to keep up with everything and am grateful I am not a single mom.

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Tammy said...

what a lovely post. thank you. just wanted to say that i feel your pain when it come to keeping the twins in bed! i have 3yo girls who slept in the same crib (by choice) until they were 2 1/2 then went into toddler beds in their own room. i remember the frustration well! i didn't even try to make them stay in their beds, simply in the room (harder said than done some nights!) and quiet. they always end up in their beds within 20 min or so so they're usually asleep by 7:30 at the latest. i do however long for the days of the nap! glad to hear you're doing well.
you're lurker friend