Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wed March 21st

Yesterday I had both my Oncology appt and surgeon post op appointment. My oncologist said that she is happy that things are going so well and that I have a 90% chance of being cured.....good odds I would say. She also said that she would have my radiation oncologists office give me a call this week and set up an appointment to meet with them before I start radiation. I will continue with Herceptin every 3 weeks and see the Dr. or her nurse practitioner every 6 weeks.
My surgeon said everything is looking well and healing well. He couldn't feel any spots that filled with fluid. I have my full range of motion in my arm but there are still parts that are pretty uncomfortable. I can do pretty much anything I NEED to do, but can't be lifting the kids up and down all day long. Only up and down from their chairs and things a few times a day. He said that I could start radiation anytime from 4 to 6 weeks post surgery. It has been 3 weeks today. He said that I would only need to see him again if I started to have problems.
Olivia and I did some shopping last night with my mom and sister and left the twins with a sitter it was fun to get out with only her. She is so easy by herself, 3 is just too hard when I am alone. Also I guess it is safe to share, my sister Toni found out she was pregnant last week!!! Her and her husband have been doing fertility treatments for awhile and we are so excited that she is pregnant. Congrats Toni and Doug!
Today was nothing exciting we just hung out at the house. I had spoken with a girlfriend of mine Claude that I met at chemo this evening about reconstruction. I am yet again confused by all of this. I am constantly being told different stories of what you can or can't do with each treatment and have decided that it is just that every plastic surgeon has a different opinion which is a little frustrating. I will be making some phone calls tomorrow to other plastic surgeons about their feelings with radiation and reconstruction. I have heard that some surgeons will place tissue expander's in before radiation and avoid having to do a TRAM surgery. So much research to do, and now I wish that I would have done all this before I had my mastectomy instead of trusting my first opinion. We will see what I find out.

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