Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday March 12

Good Monday morning to everyone! So once again, I have had people reminding me about buddy check 9 nine day. I am totally slacking, sorry ladies. So buddy check 9 day was last Friday and everyone remember to do their self breast exam. For more information you can follow the link on the side-bar of my blog. Remember that early detection is key!!
I had a good weekend. My sister took my kids for me on Saturday morning so I could have some time by myself. I went shopping and went to lunch with my friend Aislinn. Jon had to work nights on both Friday and Saturday so I didn't see him much this weekend. I took the kids to church yesterday. It was good to get out and feel normal again. I am still sore and I forget about it almost since it isn't as painful anymore but I am quick to remember when I do something like throw toys down the hall into my daughter's room....whoops. My arm doesn't quite more like that yet. Jon left for Casper this morning at about 3am and will be there all week. Back to "normal" I suppose. Darn-it!

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Cindy Motherway said...

Well, its already Tuesday late afternoon so this week will be over before you know it! Glad to know you are getting out, feeling sorta normal and making progress!

Thinking of you daily!