Monday, October 01, 2007

Mon Oct 1st

I had my friend Alyssa scan in the ad out of fit pregnancy magazine so everyone could see it. Here I am! I can't say I love the picture, my hair blends in with the background, but cool to have my picture in a magazine. We spent most of the weekend putting the house back together from cleaning the carpets on Friday. We had a big screen TV that took up 1/2 our living room and once we had it off the carpet we realized how much it opened the room up not to have it, so we bought a new TV this weekend to put on top of our built in fireplace. It really helps to open up the room and make great use of the big built in shelves and space we have in there. I really like it much better and it doesn't feel so crowded.
I can't believe it is Oct already and turning to fall. Olivia brought home this journal that they do at school everyday and it was so cute. They practice writing the date and something fun the did or were thinking about that day. It was so fun to see that she really couldn't copy the word September in the beginning and then did pretty well towards the end. There were a few pages with just letters and I asked her what does this say? She was like I don't know I just copy Mrs. Kaufmann's letters on the board. It was so cute. I will have to see if I can figure out my scanner this week and show them to everyone.
We also had a practice for the gala fashion show next weekend. I think we finally have it down have almost 3 hours later and Jon wanting to shoot himself. Good thing I have such a supportive husband!
On Saturday night I went the Relief Society general broadcast. This is the women's organization in my church. They had a lot of great things to talk about. Being strong and immovable in faith and strengthening our families, nurturing and loving our precious children, and strengthening our faith and testimonies and not to be ashamed our of testimonies of the gospel. It was a great broadcast and I am glad I was able to attend. This coming weekend is general conference for our church where they have the prophet and other general authorities speak and it is broadcast world wide at church buildings and on BYU-TV if you have dish network or directv. It is so comforting to hear words of guidance from the leaders of the church that give us guidance on things that are happening in the world today. It is the 177th semiannual conference and will be on Saturday and Sunday both and have different speakers at each session. You can also stream it online at


Toni said...

Woo sexy mama! It's neat to see the number keep increasing in your "I Fight Cancer" sticker at the top of the page. You should take a picture of the new TV and how your living room looks now, I'm interested to see.

Robyn said...

That is sooooo cool!! I'm going to get my own copy just so I can tell all my friends that I know you. Does that make me cool by association???

You go girl!! I think it is a great picture!