Thursday, October 25, 2007

Surgery Scheduled

I have the official date of my next surgery as Dec 5th. We will go ahead with trying to do the expander and implant route rather than the LAT flap and then go back to the LAT flap if that fails. Hopefully it won't! So on Dec 5th they will do the mastectomy on the left side and then place the tissue expander's on both sides. They will also remove the infamous port. I think I will have a drain on both sides also. Fun! Okay not really. I know for those that have asked also I will share...I don't get to just keep expanding until I have reached Baywatch potential either. Ha! Not that I would want to but being an average women with small breasts who wouldn't want a little bit of a benefit for all I've been through, right? Okay so I would love to be a bit bigger but the plastic surgeon said that honestly I can only go to what I was before and MAYBE a bit bigger but still in the small B range due to skin damage and what not. So no "perks" there. Jon ended up not having to work tonight so I am going to "try out" my anxiety med because it can make you drowsy I wanted to make sure I didn't take it until I knew I could crash if it came down to it. Will let you know tomorrow how it works :-)


The Bluths said...

You would probably feel weird having ginormous boobs anyway. Good luck!

Ritagirl said...

Hi Eliza- I did the reconstruction immediately after mastectomy. Wish I hadn't :(
If you want to talk you can email me. Oh... did I tell you how much you ROCK!!!


Debbie said...

I am so happy for you, who needless that flap a doodle surgery anyway. Guess what.
Thats the day of my surgery..
Wouldn't that be cool to go
into the OR room together.

Sumtoy said...

Just be careful Ativan can really make you unsteady on your feet.
My thought and prayers are with you always. I just had my mammo Friday. It had been over 2 years. You inspired me to get over the discomfort and get these babies checked. Big hugs...Roseanne