Wednesday, October 10, 2007

STYLE magazine

I got my scanner business worked out and scanned in the pages that I am in on the STYLE magazine. It is the magazine that is distributed locally here in the Loveland and Fort Collins area. In October they feature women that are breast cancer survivors and have many articles about breast cancer treatments and stories of survivors. I was asked to be a model in the October issue this year and we did the photos in Aug. They distributed the magazine at the Hope Lives! gala last weekend. Here are the pages I am on. I tried to scan the page itself and then zoom in on the me or the copy about me. The first section here they did head shots of everyone and then told a little about them.

This one is the Title page and start of where they have all our individual pictures. We did a group shot of all the models.

Other 1/2 of the title page and here is a message from Lydia Dody the founder of Hope Lives! and publisher of Lydia's STYLE.

Here is my main model page. I am not sure that the "copy" will be legible on the published copy of the blog so if you click on any of the pictures it will blow them up for you or I have them on my Picasa photo website and you can zoom in on those. This was such a great experience and I love the dress I am wearing. Isn't it fun!?!

This last picture is one of the pictures that they took of me at Sears and I thought that they would use the one that I picked for the Fit Pregnancy ad. I like this one much better so this is the one that I ordered since they were free. Who wants a bunch of pictures of themselves anyway? I just like taking and looking at ones of my kids or us as a family. We are leaving on our trip to Atlanta early on Friday morning. I can't wait! Hopefully the kids will be good for my mom who has graciously volunteered to watch them the entire weekend. Oh PS, don't you love the new song on my blog? Ha! Okay so this isn't "VOGUE" and I am not "on the cover of the magazine" but hey...close enough. I thought it went well with the current post and it made me laugh. At least we are all "ladies with an attitude!"


The Bluths said...

If your scanner is working you should scan the article from Fit Pregnancy.

Eliza Brock said...

There actually wasn't an article in Fit Pregnancy. Only the advertisment with our pictures. I put it on a post awhile ago.