Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thurs Oct 4th

My trainer officially kicked my butt last night at my cancer well fit class. Or should I say my legs! I could barley walk out to my car from the gym last night so you can imagine how sore I am today. My hams are killing me, I can hardly get around today. Hopefully this will be MUCH better by Saturday to do the cat walk! Although it was nice to feel like I got a good workout. I had to go buy some new jeans this week after trying on every pair I own and realizing that they are all skin tight on my thighs. Not that I am feeling over weight or anything just frustrated with having my weight switch to weird places like my thighs and hips. Since I have been married almost 6 years ago (wow I can't believe I have been married that long already!) I have always had to buy new pants every year. Either being pregnant, getting over being pregnant, being sick....Talk about some fluctuations of pants sizes. Kinda a bummer for the pocket book too. Just a part of it i suppose.

So it is officially breast cancer awareness month and I find myself immersed with the BC merchandise everywhere I go and can't help but be SO thankful that I am not in the midst of being sick anymore. My girlfriend Abbey and I were shopping at Kohls yesterday and she reminded me after seeing the BC area by the register that it was a year ago this week we shaved my head. Now that was a crappy day, probably one of the hardest emotionally of the whole journey. I am thinking about shaving it again just to commemorate the occasion....NOT! I saw the slide show that they are putting on before the fashion show on Saturday night and it is a tear jerker for sure. They have it set to that Craig Morgan song Tough and it is pictures of all the survivors in the fashion show all through treatment, surgeries, etc. I wish I could get a copy of it and post it but I would probably have to get every one's permission... I will see. I am hoping that someone will be taping it but if not getting pictures for sure. Maybe I can bring our camcorder and bribe someone to film it. Speaking of which our camera got "accidentally" dropped this last week so we had to go and get a new one this past weekend. Who can live without a camera with all those cute kids and frankly I am obsessed with having a camera just in case. I had to have one for this weekend and our trip next weekend. So I was playing with it the other day at the park and it has some sweet features. You can take a picture and tell it to only have one or two colors show up and the rest black and white. Here are the 2 I tried with the green grass and wagon. It did pick up a little other color but all in all pretty neat. See what you think, I think it will be a fun feature to use.

My girlfriend Alyssa emailed me earlier and her son had gotten out of his diaper during his nap and needless to say smeared the contents of it everywhere, and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere. I will post the pictures if she says it is okay, but I was dying. I have never seen anything like it. Cody did this 2 times but never to this extent. Jon is flying home tomorrow and I am excited to see him. It has been a long week without him, for some reason the kids are extra crazy this week.

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