Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tues Oct 2nd

I forgot to post about the new addition to my blog. In the upper right corner there is a badge from American Cancer Society for breast cancer. It is a "virtual fight" against cancer. If you have a blog click on the "join the fight" ribbon under the badge and it will take you to a page where you can copy and paste the html code into your blog. It will increase the number that currently says 350 strong on the badge each time someone adds it to their blog. Not only that but you can paste on for all different types of cancer, not only breast so they have different colors. Join the virtual fight now!!
My sister wanted me to post some pictures of the new TV we got this weekend. We had our carpets cleaned and decided that our living room space would be so much more open if we got rid of the big TV we originally had in the corner of the room blocking the built in shelves we have in the room. We broke down and picked out a plasma TV to hang above the fireplace and it looks so much better, although I am still not sure what I am going to put where as far as the shelves so ignore the mess all around it. My couches fit much better in the room and don't hang over the wall anymore either so I love that.

Jon just got called to go to Missoula, MT for the rest of the week to help out since they are behind there. He will be gone until Friday, just in time to be back for all the things we have to do for the Hope Lives! Gala.
I put a song on my blog again, so anybody wanting to view the video from a few posts back just scroll down to the bottom and pause the music.

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Sumtoy said...

I added the Badge to my blog site also. Your picture is awesome. You are truly an amazing woman.