Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Sept 28th

Thank goodness this week is over is all I have to say. I have been so insanely busy, I hate that. I had something going on every night this week and I just have to say.....I like being a home body. I have been working about 3 to 4 hours a day, which I know doesn't seem like much saying it but between doing stuff for the kids and trying to work it just really is a lot when the schedule is full with stuff going on at night also. Don't get me wrong though, I am totally grateful for my job and the flexibility of it! Jon worked nights this week which I suppose also compounds the problem since he is at home trying to sleep during the day and then I only see him for a few hours in the evening before he is at work. Plus having the kids 24 hours a day to myself practically....good times!! Okay enough whining and complaining, I am over it, and thank goodness this week is over!
I have been battling on and off with my scanner all week too. I am not sure what the deal is but it is not working. I was trying to scan in my ad from Fit Pregnancy to post on the blog but have been unable to make it work. Did anyone else get the magazine and have a min to scan it and email me a copy of it to post? Let me know, that would be awesome. The only exciting thing we did this week was travel to the outlets to shop at the Children's Place. They had and probably are still having a really good sale. Additional 50% off already sale priced items and I live for these sales trying to cloth 3 kids. I went down with my friend Aislinn and her 2 kids to the Colorado Mills Outlet Mall in Denver. It is about an hour away. We all piled in the big green Excursion and had a great time....In the car. This was my first shopping trip with all 3 kids and no double stroller. I sold my stroller on craigs list a few weeks ago since the twins absolutely refuse to sit in it anymore and it was just collecting dust in the garage. Whenever we brave to zoo or such places we just take the wagon. I hadn't actually thought about shopping when selling the stroller but they really don't sit in it and behave so off it went. The shopping was crazy with all 3 of them running wild through the store and me trying to pick out clothes. I was one of those people who probably bother everyone else in the store and said, "Can't you just stay by me?" At least a thousand times. At the end of the 45 min even the threat of not riding on the carousel wasn't working. That's when it is time to abort the mission and eat lunch. I really look forward to the day when I am actually able to shop ALONE! Other than that the twins had their well child Dr. visits this week and everything went well there. 2 happy healthy 3 year olds, and Olivia was star of the week at school. Which means she had to bring in some pictures of herself and then they ask her several questions each day about her favorite this or that and what she likes to do. She thoroughly enjoyed all the attention. We had our carpets cleaned this morning which was LONG overdue. What a pain in the butt though. Moving all the furniture on the hard wood and then everything in the kids rooms downstairs. And then back again. But I do have to say well worth it to get all those juice stains and what not out of the carpet. It actually looks somewhat decent again. No huge plans this weekend. I am going to go to a women's broadcast at church tomorrow night and then we have our final rehearsal for the fashion show on Sunday. Hopefully lots of down time and just hanging out with my husband who I feel like I haven't seen all week.

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