Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Sept 24th

Well I am officially famous, sort of. Ha! The issue of Fit Pregnancy for Oct and Nov came out today and after searching my local grocery store and Walgreen's I finally went over to Barnes and Noble and found it. I thought that they were going to put our stories in an article, but it is just the winners pictured in a ad for Bright Starts towards the back. Still cool though. I am excited to meet the other winners and spend the weekend with them. It is pretty neat to see my picture in a magazine. Here is what the cover looks like if you are looking for it and the ad is on page 112.

We were running around all weekend. We had a baptism and 2 birthday parties to go to. At my Alyssa's twins birthday party her father in law passed out and we had to call the ambulance. It was pretty scary. Good news is that he is just fine. A little too much excitement for a birthday party although all the kids though the ambulance and fire truck were pretty cool.

Today it rained all morning and then quit in the afternoon and has been raining since 5pm. It is a nice change and a good sign that fall is on the way. I went to my cancer well fit class this evening and am sitting down to do some more work.


The Bluths said...

I'm going to the store tomorrow, I'll have to check out the magazine!

Toni said...

I found the magazine at Wal-Mart last night. Wow, my sister is famous!

Sumtoy said...

I am so proud of you. I need to check out the maggie also.