Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Sept 20th

The weather has been beautiful here the last few days in the 80s. Wednesday I went and picked out a few dresses for the Hope Lives gala fashion show that I am participating in. They decided that they only wanted us in white, black, or pink and at a bridal store that really limits your choices. I was able to find a few that I liked but nothing I was head over heels about. We had to have a couple picks since we aren't actually buying the dresses and they can be sold from the store before the fashion show. I went to my cancer well fit class on Wednesday night and always seem to feel great after working out. Jon came home from Frasier on Wednesday late afternoon so it was good to have him home from the last part of the week.
Thursday I didn't do too much just worked and did some stuff around the house. Last night Jon and I went to our first rehearsal for the fashion show. Seems pretty straight forward and I think it will be a lot of fun. Thursday we also got the last package of stuff from the pink power moms contest giving us all our flight and transfer information and our final schedule. We got to choose from a variety of different things to do at the spa. We are going to get a couples massage and facials. Friday night they are taking us to eat at Emrils and then we get to shop and go to the spa on Saturday before the pink tie ball. Jon had to go and rent a tux for that, they recommended it since it is really formal. We get to attend a pre part event where we will be able to meet our honorary chairs for the event, Jane Fonda and then a news anchor in Atlanta. That should be fun. I loved her in Monster in law and 9 to 5. We are so excited to go. They also sent me an article that they will send to our local press her about me and the contest itself. I am not sure if they will print it in the paper or not.
Today more of the same work and then we met Jon for dinner at Chili's. We were both exhausted and came home and relaxed since we have been so busy this week. We have a busy day tomorrow with a baptism and 2 birthday parties to go to, so lots of running tomorrow. My sister Amy told me about this new site to share my photos called Picasa. I am going to try it out and will have all my new albums posted on Picasa. There is an option to download photos so they are easier to share and they don't turn out grainy. Follow the link on the side of my blog that says NEW Pictures from Picasa. I just uploaded the kids birthday photos on there.

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