Thursday, September 13, 2007

I missed it again!

Okay ladies, Ashley kindly reminded me that I forgot AGAIN about buddy check 9 day. So, if you haven't already make sure that you do your monthly self breast exam for this month.

Yesterday I had a fun breakfast with some of my girlfriends. Abbey, Courtnee, Aislinn and myself went out to eat since Courtnee will be starting cosmetology school next week and will be one busy lady after that. But hey, I know I am excited to have an "in" for the latest hair styles. I had the twins with me so we ran over to Target to pick out a bday present with their gift cards. They really liked being able to go to the store and pick something out that they wanted. Cody picked a Thomas the train mat that has a city and train tracks on it that he can play with his trains on and Alex picked a horse that looks like the Disney princess Ariel. Needless to say that came home and Olivia already knows what she wants to buy with hers, a Jasmine horse. Olivia had her parents night last night with school so I went to that to learn about her class for the year, curriculum and expectations from her teacher. I really like her and I know Olivia is really enjoying school so far.
Today Jon and I are going to our friend's father's funeral. It will be a hard day....

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