Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Feb 2nd

Hi there and hello all. It's kinda exciting to say I really don't have much to report this week. I have been feeling better and better every day this week and that is always nice. Not quite back to feeling 100% but I will take 85% any day lately. Jon was working near town this week (Boulder) during the day which has been nice to have him home at night. We went out to the Carousel Dinner theatre last Saturday night for Jon's birthday and saw The Music Man. It was a fun show to watch and we had a pretty good time.
I went to Herceptin on Wednesday which only takes about an hour so that is a nice switch. I also found out that the results from my MRI are great. They didn't even find any traces of anything on my right side. I will now be waiting to speak to my surgeon on the 8th about what kind of surgery I am going to have. I am still leaning towards doing a mastectomy on the right side just because I am young and would be so mad at myself if I did get it again and hadn't been aggressive in trying to get rid of it the first time around. I never want to have to go through this again, and I want to do everything in my power to make sure that I don't.
Jon is working on plumbing in the basement tonight and is going to try and get the framing all done this weekend. A little at a time I suppose. It will be nice when we have it finished and have the space for this kids to spread out. The twins room is a nightmare by the time the two cribs are stuffed in there, a dresser, and all their toys there is barley any room to walk around. We went to my nephew's first birthday party this evening. We had pizza for dinner and so far one of my nephews has gotten sick and Olivia has been sick twice since eating. That darn cheese pizza. The twins wouldn't even eat it. I was mad at the time but am now thanking my lucky stars that I don't have 3 kiddos throwing up. Nothing else too exciting to report.

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