Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thurs Feb 8th

Yesterday my hair started falling out again, the peach fuzz more like. It usually starts falling out right before I go in again for treatment so it was right on time. At least from now on I know I will get to get everything I grow from this point on, right? I also have another big canker sore between my gums and cheek. Ouch, but not as bad as the one on the tip of my tongue.
I talked to the surgeon Dr. Chiavetta today. He also told me that I could do either surgery and that since my case was very unique that he would feel comfortable with either treatment for me. Since I am so young and my tumor was so large to start out with, he said they don't have a lot of scientific evidence that one option is any better than the other. In my way of thinking I am still going with the aggressive treatment so I can look back and have no regrets if I do have breast cancer again later in life. I am going to have a simple mastectomy done on the right side. I will have surgery on the 28th of February have have to stay overnight at Poudre Valley Hospital. I will go in to radiology that morning and they will inject a radioactive substance into the previous tumor site that will help them identify the sentinel lymph node. Then at noon I will go ahead with the surgery. The surgeon said that I will have a drain in the surgical site for about 2 weeks to drain off fluid that collects in that area. I don't have any set limitations, he said that I was allowed to do anything that felt comfortable and not to really expect to be lifting for about a week. I will have a small incision under my arm where the lymph nodes will be removed and then a horizontal incision across my breast. I have fasted and prayed about this decision and feel like it is the right one for me, but at the same point it hasn't made it any easier to accept. The thought of it all is much easier that the reality of having the discussion with the surgeon and setting a date.

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Becky said...

Hang in there, sweetie. I know this must be a terribly difficult decision for you. We're all still praying for your guidance. Try to remember that you have already come so far, you are on the tail end of this thing! We love you and are all here for you no matter what you decide. --Becky H.