Monday, February 26, 2007

Mon Feb 26th

Hey everyone, first of all let me say thanks to everyone for all their encouraging words over the weekend. I feel much more at ease about going "under the knife". I had a busy weekend which was nice way to get my mind off of things. Jon got home late Friday night so me and the kids went and had pizza with my girlfriend Abbey and her kids. Saturday Jon was busy working on the electrical in our basement with his buddy Seth and I went shopping with my mom in the morning and took Olivia swimming with my friend Courtnee and her boys in the afternoon. Courtnee and Seth's family stayed for dinner and my friend Lanie also stopped by to help set my mind at ease about surgery, something she is all to familiar with. Sunday we went to church and spent time with my parents. Jon and my dad were able to give me a blessing last night and I feel much better today and was able to sleep better last night. All and all very busy and very fun.
Today I was thinking more about going into surgery and having all that time sitting in the hospital and thought of a way I think everyone could help me. I was going to put a little book together with inspirational thoughts. I thought if everyone could think of their favorite inspirational quote, saying, song lyrics, scripture, pretty much anything that inspires you or helps you get through hard times and email it to me at I could print off the emails and have them to look through. Nothing super long so I will have time to get them all together. Sort of a way for all my friends, family, friends of friends, anyone who has followed my blog to be there for me during the not so fun time. If everyone could find a minute to email me that by tomorrow night that would be a tremendous help for me. I love you all very much and don't know what I would do without you. Thank you for everything and be back soon!!


Lorie said...

During really difficult times I think of "Laughter is the Best Medicine". Since it's hard to make myself laugh I always find a "TV's Funniest Home Videos" show and laugh out Loud.

Robyn said...

I will send you something in an e-mail, Eliza. Stay strong and positive. I really wish I could go in your place. I have never even met you but I wish I could do it for you. I'm sure there are many people who feel the same way. I wish you much love during your surgery. I'm so glad you got a blessing. That is so important. While I was going through a very serious case of mastitis last month my husband gave me a blessing and in it I was blessed to be able to "endure" through the pain. I was not blessed with instant healing or anything like that and I had a very painful experience BUT because of that blessing I was able to endure it all. I know that you will be able to endure this, too. Isn't that what it's all about?


Unkledan said...

Surviving these situations makes us stroner, brings loved ones closer and helps build character. Survive you will! Thrive you can! A stronger Woman you'll be. Love and cherish your family the rest of what is going to be a long and fruitfull life. Hold fast your faith, you have a hard road to traverse and make no mistake, your faith will be tested.

Renee said...

Just thinking of you, Eliza and hoping that you're doing okay.
You've been in my thoughts and in my prayers *all* day long.
Big (((HUGS))) to you.
Renee V.

angela curran said...

ELiza hope your surgery went well. Just remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and its getting brighter and brighter. You have been through so much already and at the end of the journey you are stronger than you ever thought you could be. Hope you have a speedy recovery. If you need anything let us know.
Love, Ang, Lauren, Kisha and Jp

Renee said...

Hi Eliza,
I was just checking in to see how you were doing. You've been on my mind and I'm still sending good thoughts your way.

The Bluths said...

Ah, I missed the deadline for the emails. What day did you have surgery? The first inspirational thought that came to my mind is that when I need an uplift I start to notice in the scriptures that Christ constantly repeats "I will always be with you." And He will.