Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thurs Jan 25th

Well for the first morning in a week and a half I actually woke up not feeling nauseous which was a welcomed break. My sister has been an absolute hero this last week. I don't know what I would have done without her. Jon left on Monday morning and she has been here all week. She is flying home this evening and Jon should be back sometime today. Perfect timing. Last weekend we didn't do anything. I felt so horrible that Jon spent the whole weekend taking care of me while I lounded around. Then he left for Salida again this past Monday. The week was also pretty uneventful. Toni and I took the kids to Toys R Us on Tuesday and they each got to pick out a new toy from their aunt so they really enjoyed that. I felt like an old lady walking around the store. I had to sit down about 10 different times because I was so tired. We still have snow on the ground and icy, slushy roads from before Christmas. The weather guy said that we have had snow on the ground for almost 4o days and the record is 60 some days. It would be nice to just have it warm up enough to get the ice off of our neighborhood roads. It is such a pain taking the kids out in this.
I was able to get a surgery date scheduled for the 28th of February. I still don't know what surgery I will end up having but it is nice to have a date so that my other sister, Amy, could make travel plans to be here to help out. I also found out that I have to wait 6 weeks after surgery to start radiation. Then do 6 weeks of radiation. Nothing like dragging out the process. Jon and I were thinking about getting away for a few days in May, but I guess we will have to wait.
My eyelashes are all gone. Total bummer. I could deal with my eyebrows since they were practically non existent to begin with but my thick, long, big eyelashes are another story. I went with my sister to get some false ones yesterday that look pretty good but itch on my skin. It looks pretty funny not to have any hair, eyebrows, or lashes.
I got a gift subscription to netflix for Christmas from my work that has been awesome. It is so convenient to just be able to pick out movies online and have them come in the mail. They have been fun to watch while I am feeling down and out.
I went in for Herceptin yesterday. It is nice to go in and be done in about an hour. Much nicer than camping out there for 1/2 the day. My sister and I met my parents and brother Mason last night to go out to eat. Our friends Vernon and Kira watched my kids so we could have an adult night out. It was really nice. I have my breast MRI on Friday afternoon and then I don't meet with my surgeon until the 8th. I am taking Jon out on Saturday for his belated birthday celebration. We are going to see the Music Man at the Carousel Dinner Theatre in Fort Collins. Hopefully it is fun.
My friend Aislinn is hosting a Layers Clothing Open House Party for me next Thursday night from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. If anyone is interested in ordering something but won't be able to make it you can look at their website at and let me know via email at or if you need directions to my house and are interested in coming you can also email me. I love their shirts and they are having a big sale right now so that is a bonus. All the proceeds will go towards my medical bills. Hope everyone has a good weekend!


sumtoy said...

You are awesome gal. God has special plans for you and for some reason you need to be strong. I marvel at the way you are dealing with all of this. I know that prayer can really help. I do include you in my prayers. Please have faith. Big Hugs..Roseanne

sheri said...

It's so good to hear you're doing better. We think about you, Jon and the kids all the time. Have tons of fun tomorrow night!!

The Bluths said...

Why oh why did you have to show me the layers website? My husband doesn't want me getting any more shirts (I go to because they have really cheap shirts) but I love one of theirs! The button on the side tunic thing. So cute! I threw a Shade shirt party not that long ago, didn't get a good turnout though.
P.s what does your husband do for a living?

Toni Nelson said...

I had so much fun spending time with you, I wish it could have been under better circumstances, though. Give your kids a kiss and hug for me. Cody coco!

SharonK said...

Hi Eliza, I read this comment on the paperpossibilities blog a few minutes ago. "After reading her blog this morning I have decided that one thing to help these wonderful people is with positive thoughts and stories! They need people around them to be upbeat and postive. Hugs to you Eliza!"
Hugs to you too from a breast cancer survivor in Minnesota. My tumors were Stage III, Grade 3, IDC with 5 of 20 lymph nodes positive.
Cheers! My surgery was in May 2006, and I finished my radiation (FINALLY) on January 5, 2007.
Let's see: a couple of things I wanted to share with you based on your posts.
1. As you already know, this journey IS doable - not pleasant - but doable.
2. My hair came back thicker than ever - white and curly right now, but almost 2 inches long.
3. I have more bottom eyelashes than I've ever had.
4. Taking a relaxing time (semi-vacation) during your post-surgery/pre-radiation break is a nice change of pace.
Best of Luck Emily. I will keep you in my prayers. - feel free to write if I can be of help