Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tues Jan 2nd

I have to admit that every one's going to be jealous of my new year. Feeling like junk for most of the day my hubby and I were in bed (sleeping, ha) by 10:30. We were defiantly living it up! I didn't get a kiss at midnight but I did get one before I went to bed :-) What a good sport my husband is. He is back to working days, which I love. I don't have to worry about being loud here during the day (impossible with 3 kids) and I hate sleeping alone. He keeps me warm!

It is official, I have lost all but one of my fingernails in the last week. That's hot, as Paris Hilton would say. I know, I would say back! I have really underestimated the convenience of having fingernails for pretty much my whole life. It makes things like scratching almost impossible. My hair is also growing back on some parts of my head. Yes, I have lost hair pretty much everywhere else on my body. Also hot! I am still torturing myself by shaving my legs at least once a week, even though I don't need to. I don't know what to say, except it helps me to feel normal. Besides I bet if I looked really closely I could find a hair or two there that needed to be shaved.......At least that is what I am saying to myself to justify the extra time and energy in the shower. Why bother checking, I am sure they are there. Right, moving on....... I am still feeling nauseous on and off through the day, so I am still taking my anti-nausea meds and trying to take it easy. My sister Toni is here for almost the whole month to help me out and we did all sorts of errands today and then relaxed for the afternoon. I have spent the last few days researching this new procedure that they are wanting to do for surgery. It is called wire localization and I explained it a bit in my last post. After reading more about it I have to go into the radiologist and have the wire placed before the surgery is done, meaning I am not under general anesthesia for it. If you remember my nightmare biopsy story with the radiologist you will understand why I have been taking my anti anxiety meds for the last 48 hours freaking out about the fact I have to be awake for yet another "minor procedure" as they would put it. Needless to say I am NOT excited about this but am still trying to weigh the pros and cons of everything. I go in for Herceptin tomorrow am. (wasn't I just there???) I feel like I need to start paying rent at the doctor's office. Although if it costs what they are charging me for chemo by the hour, it better be the Ritz. Speaking of which, I might put a suggestion in the box of my insurance company that they should start sending their patients on vacation to help relieve the stress of serious illnesses. I am sure it doesn't cost any more to go on vacation for a week than some of the out of control prescription costs!!

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Dora said...

Hi Eliza!
This is Dora. We met at chemo last week. ( My daughter works at US Reports). Hope you don't mind that I send you my comments but my next chemo is not till the 17th so I wanted to share with you before then. I had the wire procedure when I had my lumpectomy. The clip that was put in at the time of biopsy could not be located. I just wanted to reassure you that it wasn't so bad. They took tons of mammography films before the procedure to locate the tumor area. The doc came in and numbed the area locally, then made an incision to locate area and place wire. They said the worst would be when they put the needle in to numb area but I didn't really feel it. I remember I could feel blood running down my underarm! They then sit you up with the wire sticking out and place it down with tape before they do mammograms again. I thought for sure the wire would "pop" out of my breast when they did the mammogram but they assurred me it doesn't happen. I felt a little anxiety during the whole thing but again....it is doable! The nurses were great...there was even a nurse in the room to just hold my hand! I'm not sure if this is exactly what they are planning for you but whatever it is, I'm sure you can do it! Have a great day!