Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wed Jan 10th

This morning I had to go in for my Herceptin infusion. Pretty much normal. Short and sweet. Last Wednesday at my Herceptin infusion I found out that I was anemic which meant I had to start getting shots of Aranesp. They give it to you in your stomach and it's nice and slow......which means nice and painful. It feels like a bee sting that lasts for 60 seconds. Unfortunately there isn't anything fun about this whole process.
Otherwise I have just felt pretty tired and don't have much energy. My sister Toni has been here since Christmas to help out and it has been awesome. She comes over everyday and helps with the kids, laundry, or whatever needs to be done. We took the kids swimming yesterday at the Greeley family fun plex. It has a park area in the kids pool that has water squirting out of the equipment. They also have a lazy river pool. It was pretty fun for the kids. We had another round of snow last Friday and Jon couldn't make it to work. We are supposed to have snow for the next couple days again. The snow still hasn't melted here from our first huge blizzard before Christmas. It has been interesting trying to navigate around the neighborhoods.
My sister in law Brandy had her surgery yesterday to remove the tumor that was growing on her kidney. They ended up removing the mass and also removing the kidney. They will get the biopsy results back tomorrow. Hopefully everything is fine with her. I posted some more pictures of the kids and some other misc pictures from over the last few weeks on my snapfish link.
Ladies, it is also buddy check 9 day yesterday so everyone remember to do your self breast exams. Hope everyone is doing well!!

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