Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day we went to our normal camping spot up in Wycolo to camp and ride the quads. We had a blast! Our friends Aislinn and Desi came with their kids, Brad and Patti came with their kids, and Seth came with the boys. We ended up leaving really late because I had to work until 5pm and then by the time we all headed out of town it was time for dinner so had to stop for dinner as well. When we got up to Laramie we always stop at the Sinclair station and since it was already 8pm I thought we might as well get the kids into their pj's so we aren't changing them up in the dark when we are trying to set everything up. I went back into the camper to get the pj's and noticed that I forgot to pack ANYTHING for Olivia. How did that happen?? I guess that is what I get for having a million things on my plate that day. Unfortunatly we had picked her up at a friends on the way out of town and she was wearing a skirt, tank top, and flip flops. Um.....not so much for the crisp and cool mountains. So we had to track down Wal Mart in Laramie and buy her clothes for the entire weekend. Sheesh! I guess it was a good thing we found out then and not when we were in the middle of nowhere.

When we finally got up to our spot it was after 10 and didn't have time to do anything except set up and get into bed. In the morning the toys all came out and we went for a little ride with Desi and Aislinn before they had to pack up and take off. The kids thought Brad and Patti's little Power Wheel quads were the best.

Everyone enjoyed the hammock.

And all the kids got lots of practice riding and driving on the little 80s around the campsite.

Saturday was also the twins actual birthday so Jon, Olivia, and I gave them our gifts up there. This also marked my 2 year diagnosis date so it was a good day to be up away from it all with my family. I just feel so grateful to be able to still be here and enjoying my family and be healthy. I can now say I am a 2 year survivor..yeah!

On Sunday our friend Kenny came up to hang out and play tour guide. He know the trails up there so well and there are so many of them I don't know how we don't get lost. But Sunday he took us all on a long ride to the sand dunes in Walden. It was a very cool ride. Lots of fun riding over trails and then the dunes just pop out of the mountains, it is crazy. Look at this view coming down from the mountain.Isn't it cool? Here is Jon taking Cody on a ride up the top of the dune.

On the way back we were "hard core" and crossed a beaver pond. It was fun, but of course since I am the one always taking pictures I don't have a picture of me doing it, only Seth since he was behind me.

Also by the beaver crossing there was this huge hill that the kids were obsessed with. What is it with kids and hills? So once the kids went up it the guys thought they would try to race to the top. Jon chickened out, but that hill is steeper than it looks!

We had a great weekend and Cody still asks every day...When are we going "at camping" again mom? That boy would live "at camping" if he had a choice. He loves it there. On the drive home I captured Alex in her element of "Alex's Own World" so I had to share.

That is always so funny when they don't think anyone is paying attention. Also on the way home I experienced the actual feeling of thinking we were going to die. Except for really..... This guy was going super slow and so we tried to go around him and Jon got a little over zealous with the rate of speed we were traveling to pass. The trailer was swaying all over the road, and I mean all over. It was amazing there was nobody coming the other direction since we were traveling on a 2 lane highway. I am not really sure how we were able to even gain control of the vehicle again. Jon remained calm, thank goodness while I panicked in the passenger seat. I was actually shaking for at least 10 min afterwards. I have never been that freaked out before. Jon said "I don't think it is a good thing when you can see all 3 wheels of the trailer in the side view mirror." The trailer has a triple axle so at one point it was close to sideways from the car. Later Jon realized that the trailer brake wasn't turned up enough, either way, I don't think we will be trying to pull the trailer going 80 again. EEKKK, it gives me the chills just to think about it again. Brad and Patti were following us home and called about 5 min after it happened to ask Jon if he had changed his pants yet. It's all fun and games until you're in the vehicle that is about to crash :-)

It was a wonderful weekend though, and hopefully we are able to have lots more of these next summer!

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New York Sims said...

Looks like fun times! (except for the near fatal trailer pulling incident!) I am so bummed we couldn't make it. Arrrghh, football! =S

I am so glad you are past your two year mark. What a depressing memory that one must be. I love you much!