Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The big S-I-X

I have a six year old. I am sure this sounds dumb to all you with older children but wow, I can't believe it has been 6 years since I had Olivia. She invited some of her little friends over in the afternoon and then we had family over later.

The kids played red rover again which was a huge hit, they would have played this all day!

Caleb ended up being the only boy that came, even though a few were invited so he wasn't too excited to hang with the girls. Caleb and Cody became fast friends and hung out the entire afternoon.

On to the presents....she got a lot of things she really liked. Of course we have to have the High School Musical merchandise.

Jon pretended to have her new jamies fit him and was joking around with the kids. Jon, pink is your color!

We sang her happy birthday.

Later we enjoyed spending the evening with family. Aunt Clara helped get Cody his dinner.

Doug was here for the evening.

Jon's parents were out of town for most of Aug so missed the twins birthday so came with presents for all the kids. Alex got a CD player so she can listen to her new high school musical CD in her own room. What a big girl! Cody got a Geo Trax building to add to his set. Score!

Olivia got the movie "where the little girl feeds the horse Popsicles". She has been asking for it since we rented it last year.She also got a really cute Sunday dress from my parents that she wore the next day to church.

Happy Birthday baby girl!

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