Monday, September 22, 2008

Basement Update

Wow, I have been such a blog slacker lately. It just seems like every time I want to sit down to update I have something else going one. I am so busy lately. Lots of stuff has gone on here. Jon has been hard at work on our basement and we have done lots the last few weeks.
Seth came over and finished most of the electrical stuff. So we have light switches that work and I finally, after 2 years have lights that go down my stairs. Since our ceilings are vaulted upstairs and there isn't a ceiling above our stairs, it is just open, I have had no lights on the stairs since we started this project. Seth put in these sweet LED lights that rock! I love them!
Jon has also spent a large amount of his time in the basement the last 2 weekends doing the tile. I must say that I am really impressed that it looks so great since this is his first time installing tile. Not that I expected it to be bad but it looks great. He did the floor and the shower. All the tiles are even lined up right on the bench for the shower. What a guy, huh?! Looks great babe.
This last Saturday he put in the toilet, which was a big deal with the kids for some reason. Alex was all excited that she could actually go potty on it if she really wanted to. What a funny girl. So yeah, a pooper and the finished tile project!
We have picked out the carpet but are trying to shop around for the best price for carpet and installation. We also went to try and pick out some cabinets for the bathroom and the family room. We are hoping that this project will finally be finished in the next few months. We are all more than ready for the extra space!


Toni said...

All I can say is, WOW. The bathroom and lights look awesome. That gets me excited to finish our basement... if we ever get that rich. You guys are amazing! Jon is such a hard worker for you guys.

Michelle said...

The project is looking great. Maybee I can get Jon to come and do mine. JK. We are hoping to start our basement in the next couple of months too. I'll have to come over and check yours out sometime.

New York Sims said...

It looks soooooo good! =] You look great, too! Love all the pics!